Belsay Hall Croquet Club


Trying and Buying a Mallet

The club has various mallets (15 at the last count) for the beginner to play with.  There will probably come a time however when you will want your own mallet.

From a cost and suitability viewpoint, it might be best to try to buy a second hand mallet before making the decision to buy your own brand new mallet. Try to find a member of the club who has recently upgraded to a new mallet and is looking to off load his or her “old” mallet. Most people will allow you the use of the mallet for a period to see if you get along with it before deciding, or not, to make the purchase. Click here to see if there are any club members with a mallet to sell.

Should you decide to buy new, listed below are a number of outlets where a new mallet can be purchased.  I've also added which mallets are used by club members so that you can see what they look like before taking the plunge.

The Croquet Association online shop retails a wide range of mallets, including many of the following manufacturers.

Australian Croquet Company (Bryan Dawson) - guess where? - manufacturers of Championship croquet balls as well

David Barrett  - Heywood Greater Manchester - used by Brenda Johnson, Liz & Hedley Parker and Robert Nixon.  Robert and Hedley's mallets are the new model with "air conditioning" in the  mallet head.

Fenwick Elliot Mallets - Australia - used by David Millener

Jaques Mallets - London

John Hobbs Mallets   - Rotherfield East Sussex

Manor House (Alan Pidcock) - Preston - the February 2013 edition of The Croquet Gazette features a cover photo of England's team at the 2012 World GC Team Championships.  All are holding Manor House mallets.

Morford Mallets - USA

Percival Mallets - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

PFC Mallets - Australia - used by Derek Johnson

Ray Puckett Mallets - New Zealand - used by Jacqui and Phil Errington

Terminator Mallets - New Zealand

Wood Mallets - New Zealand (not the material but the maker's name!) - used by Ian Hunter and Trevor Smith.