Belsay Hall Croquet Club


                            Charity Day 2013

 Participants in this year's Club Charity Fun Day basking in sunshine (in marked contrast to last year!).

Presentation Night 2012 

 The prize winners at this year's Club Presentation Night.

Back Row Left to Right: Tony Turner (Manager Belsay "B" Winners of the Croquet North GC League Division 2), Charles Topaz (Belsay Castle League), Hedley Parker (Club GC League Division 2), Geoff Clemence (Club AC Handicap Singles and Doubles), Eric Nixon (Club GC League Division 1 and Club AC Handicap Doubles), Jacqui Old (Manager English Heritage Trophy Team), Trevor Smith (Club GC Handicap Doubles), Megs Rogers (Manager Belsay "A" Winners of the Croquet North GC League Division 1), Ian Hunter (Club GC Handicap Doubles), Derek Old (Club GC Handicap Singles).

Front Row Left to Right: Derek Johnson (Belsay Hall League, GC Ladder and Most Improved Player), Phil Errington (Club Advanced AC League, Croquet North AC Handicap Singles and Turner Goblet) David Millener (Team Manager East Pennine League Winners)

Charity Day 2012 - All the participants, with organiser Eric Nixon in the centre,  basking in the May sunshine. 

Jacqui Old, Julie Millener, Brenda Johnson and Liz Nisbet 

Doris Burwood, Anke Jackson, Brian Prickett and Robert Nixon

Terry Curran, David Turner, David Kaye and David Millener 

Marian Falcus, Hedley Parker, Helen Curran and Geoff Clemence 

Jacquie Errington, Barbara McIntosh, Liz Parker and Phil Errington

Right:  Liz Nisbet plays as Brenda Johnson looks on 

Below:  Maybe the hoop below was set a little too tight?

  Above: So remind me, whose charity day was it again?

Left:  The Michelin Man Impersonators Society Annual Sports Day