Belsay Hall Croquet Club


Wednesday 18 July 2018 

Club GC League Div 2

 Brenda Johnson beat Daphne Turner 7-2, 5-7, 7-3

Tuesday 17 July 2018 

Club GC League Div 2

 Tony Turner beat Brenda Johnson 7-6, 7-5

Friday 13 July 2018 

Club GC League Div 2

 Tony Turner beat Val Knowles 7-4, 7-4

Monday 9 July 2018 

Club GC Singles KO

 Derek Johnson beat Daphne Turner 7-5, 7-6

Friday 6 July 2018 

Club GC Singles KO

 Sue Caygill beat Liz Parker 7-2, 7-6

Hedley Parker beat David Knowles 7-5, 5-7, 7-4

CN GC Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Roger Carpenter 10-9, 9-10, 10-7

Monday 2 July 2018 

Club GC Singles KO

 Robert Nixon beat Daphne Turner 7-4, 3-7, 7-4

Sue Caygill beat Robert Nixon 5-7, 7-3, 7-6

Sunday 1 July 2018 

Club GC Singles KO

 Eric Nixon beat Hedley Parker 7-6, 5-7, 7-3

Saturday 30 June 2018 

Club Ricochet Tournament

 On a glorious summer day the format followed a two block all-play-all of 6 players with a 30 minute time limit. The winners and runners-up of each block cross-played in semi-final KO's. 

David Millener beat Tony Turner   -   and

Phil Errington beat Ian Hunter 7-2

In the final David Millener  beat Phil Errington 6-3t to win this year's Ricochet Tournament

Friday 22June 2018 

Club GC Singles KO

 Derek Johnson (4) beat Tony Turner (9) 5-7, 7-2, 7-5.

Saturday 16 June 2018 

CN GC League Division 1

 In the second League match of the season Belsay hosted Alnmouth with the result of a 9 all draw.

Phil Errington (-1) & Liz Nisbet (4) beat John Howie (4) & Ted Sisterson (4) 7-4
Eric Nixon (1) beat Ann Doughty (5) 7-3
David Knowles (6) lost to Derek Gerrard (4) 4-7
Eric Nixon (1) & David Knowles (6) lost to Derek Gerrard (4) & Ann Doughty (5) 4-7
Phil Errington (-1) beat Ted Sisterson (4) 7-4
Liz Nisbet (4) beat John Howie (4) 7-6
Phil Errington (-1) & David Knowles (6) lost to John Howie (4) & Ann Doughty (5) 4-7
Eric Nixon (1) lost to Derek Gerrard (4) 5-7
Liz Nisbet (4) beat Ted Sisterson (4) 7-4
Eric Nixon (1) & Liz Nisbet (4) beat Derek Gerrard (4) & Ted Sisterson (4) 5-7
Phil Errington (-1) beat John Howie (4) 7-3
David Knowles (6) lost to Ann Doughty (5) 5-7
Liz Nisbet (4) & David Knowles (6) lost to Ted Sisterson (4) & Ann Doughty (5) 4-7
Phil Errington (-1) beat Derek Gerrard (4) 7-5
Eric Nixon (1) beat John Howie (4) 7-4
Phil Errington (-1) & Eric Nixon (1) lost to John Howie (4) & Derek Gerrard (4) 5-7
Eric Nixon (1) lost to Derek Gerrard (4) 3-7
Liz Nisbet (4) lost to Ann Doughty (5) 7-4
David Knowles (6) beat Ted Sisterson (4) 7-6

David Knowles attempts to clear pink from Hoop 5.

(Picture courtesy of Fergus Currie,
a passing visitor)

Friday 15 June 2018 

Club GC Singles KO

David Knowles beat Val Knowles 3-7, 7-3, 7-3

Tuesday 12 June 2018 

Club GC Singles KO

     Eric Nixon beat Val Knowles 3-7, 7-3, 7-4

Saturday 9 June 2018 

CN GC League Division 2

     Belsay squeezed home by the narrowest of margins, 9½-8½, in their first Division 2 match of the season against Bamburgh.

David Knowles (6) & Tony Turner (9) beat Nick Jones (7) & Chris Baldwin (8) 7-3
Liz Parker (9) beat Rosi Ashwell (8) 7-4
Val Knowles (16) lost to Ian Wilkinson (7) 2-7
Liz Parker (9) & Val Knowles (16) beat Ian Wilkinson (7) & Rosi Ashwell (8) 7-6
David Knowles (6) beat Chris Baldwin (8) 7-3
Tony Turner (9) lost to Nick Jones (7) 5-7
David Knowles (6) & Val Knowles (16) drew with Nick Jones (7) & Rosi Ashwell (8) 6-6
Liz Parker (9) lost to Ian Wilkinson (7) 6-7
Tony Turner (9) beat Chris Baldwin (8) 7-2
Liz Parker (9) & Tony Turner (9) lost to Ian Wilkinson (7) & & Chris Baldwin (8) 4-7
David Knowles (6) beat Nick Jones (7) 7-2
Val Knowles (16) lost to Rosi Ashwell (8) 3-7
Tony Turner (9) & Val Knowles (16) lost to Chris Baldwin (8) & Rosi Ashwell (8) 4-7
David Knowles (6) beat Ian Wilkinson (7) 7-5
Liz Parker (9) beat Nick Jones (7) 7-4
David Knowles (6) & Liz Parker (9) lost to Nick Jones (7) & Ian Wilkinson (7) 6-7
Tony Turner (9) lost to Rosi Ashwell (8) 6-7
Val Knowles (16) beat Chris Baldwin (8) 7-4

Monday 4 June 2018 

Club GC Singles KO

Hedley Parker beat Derek Johnson 7-6,7-3.     
Jacquie Errington beat Liz Parker 7-5, 7-3

Saturday 2 June 2018 

CN GC League Division 1

     Belsay beat Tyneside 12-6 with Trevor Smith and Liz Parker stepping into the breech and more than holding their own.

Eric Nixon (1) & Trevor Smith (6) lost to Derek Johnson (4) & Nora Burbridge (5) 4-7
Hedley Parker (3) beat Sheila Best (6) 7-2
Liz Parker (9) lost to Robert Nixon (4) 4-7
Hedley Parker (3) & Liz Parker (9) lost to Robert Nixon (4) & Sheila Best (6) 6-7
Eric Nixon (1) beat Nora Burbridge (5) 7-5
Trevor Smith (6) lost to Derek Johnson (4) 4-7
Eric Nixon (1) & Liz Parker (9) beat Derek Johnson (4) & Sheila Best (6) 7-6
Hedley Parker (3) lost to Robert Nixon (4) 3-7
Trevor Smith (6) beat Nora Burbridge (5) 7-5
Hedley Parker (3) & Trevor Smith (6) beat Robert Nixon (4) & Nora Burbridge (5) 7-5
Eric Nixon (1) beat Derek Johnson (4) 7-6
Liz Parker (9) beat Sheila Best (6) 7-6
Trevor Smith (6) & Liz Parker (9) beat Nora Burbridge (5) & Sheila Best (6) 7-2
Eric Nixon (1) lost to Robert Nixon (4) 4-7
Hedley Parker (3) beat Derek Johnson (4) 7-3
Eric Nixon (1) & Hedley Parker (3) beat Derek Johnson (4) & Robert Nixon (4) 7-5
Trevor Smith (6) beat Sheila Best (6) 7-2
Liz Parker (9) beat Nora Burbridge (5) 7-2

Saturday 19 May 2018 

Belsay One Ball Tournament

     Eight members contested the Charles Topaz Tankard to become Belsay One Ball Champion.  The title went to David Millener on the tiebreaker of net hoops (33 to 21) after he and Phil Errington each finished with six wins from their seven games. 

Thursday 17 May 2018 

Inter Club Trophy

     Belsay travelled to Durham for their opening match in this year's Inter Club Trophy, the CA's premier interclub competition.  Although we made our customary exit at this stage, it was a very close run thing.  Durham led 3-2 with two of the afternoon singles still in play and going to a third game.  Unfortunately both Ian and David lost their deciding games on the 13th hoop so what sounds a comprehensive 5-2 defeat could easily have gone our way.
     It is a quirk of this competition that players are listed in accordance with their national ranking rather than their handicap which resulted in Durham having a 2 handicapper at no. 1 in front of two 1 handicappers. 

Phil Errington (-1) & Ian Hunter (1) beat Nigel Martin (2) & Roger Carpenter (1) 7-3, 7-5.
Derek Johnson (4) lost to Brian Johnson (1) 4-7, 4-7.
David Millener (2) lost to Peter Tymms (4) 5-7, 6-7.
Phil Errington (-1) beat Nigel Martin (2) 7-5, 7-3.
Ian Hunter (1) lost to Roger Carpenter (1) 5-7, 7-5, 6-7.
David Millener (2) lost to Brian Johnson (1) 6-7, 7-5, 6-7.
Derek Johnson (4) lost to Peter Tymms (4) 3-7, 4-7.

Monday 14 May 2018 

National Croquet Day Update

Yesterday the club held a very successful National Croquet Day at Belsay with around 60 visitors trying the game (up on last year when around 30 - 40 took part).  At one stage during the afternoon all four half courts were full with club members showing the many visitors how to hold the mallets and how the game of golf croquet is played.  There were even visitors queuing for their turn to have a go.  The weather turned out much better than forecast and this helped to swell the numbers especially in the afternoon.  All those 'having-a-go' seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves with many reluctant to end their turn trying the game.   

Although many of those visiting the club were from further afield we did get some participants from Ponteland, Wooler and Middlesbrough.  All in all it was felt the day was very successful and a good advert for the game of croquet.  

Thanks to all those members who attended on the day to help out.

Sunday 13 May 2018  -  11am to 4pm


Have you ever wondered what the sport of Croquet is all about:  Why not have a go at your local club at Belsay Hall and Gardens on National Croquet Day.  Croquet can be played by people of all ages and the basic skills required are just the ability to hit a ball with a mallet on a reasonably flat grass surface. As skills develop it becomes a game of skill, tactics and strategy and as such not only offers physical exercise but mental stimulation as well.  It is a great way to make friends and meet new people.

If you would like to try the sport of croquet, call in and see us at Belsay on National Croquet Day.  Alternatively, contact David Millener on 0191 236 5374 or email  Belsay is a friendly club and everyone is welcome.

Saturday 28th April 2018

Start of Season (new date)

Due to the recent wet weather the start of the 2018 season has now been changed to Saturday 28th April.   Please check the website for further updates should the weather not improve.  Look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Thursday 16th November

Presentation Evening

The annual Presentation Evening took place again at Ponteland Golf Club who once again provided an excellent meal and venue.

Here are the trophy winners:

From left to right:

Eric Nixon (Most Improved Player);Sue Caygill (with English Heritage Trophy);Tony Turner (Club GC Doubles and GC Division 2); Derek Johnson (GC "Top of the Tree" Tournament and Croquet North GC Handicap Doubles); Hedley Parker (Club GC Division 1); Robert Nixon (Club AC Singles and Club AC League); Ian Hunter (Club GC Doubles); Phil Errington (Croquet North GC Singles and Handicap Doubles)

The club also won the Croquet North GC League Division 1, for the third year running.

Sunday 8th October
'Black Sheep' GC Doubles Tournament - Ripon Spa

In one of the late season tournaments Chris Wood and Sam Thompson (Ripon Spa) won the 'Black Sheep' GC Doubles 'All-Play-All' event after triumphing in a three-way tie by having the best hoop difference.

The picture shows the deservedly happy Sam and Chris with their trophies:-


Tuesday 3rd October
CN AC Singles KO Championship Final
Eric Nixon lost to Roger Staples (M'Boro CC) 11-26

CN GC Singles KO Final
Phil Errington beat Ian Hunter 10-5, 6-10, 10-6

24th September 2017
Top of the Tree GC Singles Competition - Ripon Spa
Seven contestants took part in this invitation 'All-Play-All' competition at Ripon Spa Hotel.
Derek Johnson was the overall winner of the 'Thinking Gorilla Trophy' after winning a play-off against Jane Pringle (Auckland CC).

Thursday 28th September

CN GC League Division 1

Belsay Hall's team of Eric Nixon (1), Ian Hunter (1), Derek Johnson (4) & Phil Errington (-1) travelled to Middlesbrough for this final match of 2017 in the CN GC Div 1 League and won 12.5 games to 5.5

Saturday 9th September

CN GC League Division 1

Belsay Hall's team of Eric Nixon (1), Ian Hunter (1), David Millener (3) & Phil Errington (-1) travelled to Chester-le-Street to play Durham in the winner deciding league match of the season and won 12 games to 6.

Durham's team were: - Roger Carpenter (1), Nigel Martin (2), Andrew Carpenter (2) & Malcolm Hobbs (3).

Sunday 5th September

Club GC Doubles KO

Having played preceding matches earlier in the day the final between Ian Humter & Tony Turner v Hedley Parker & Daphne Turner resulted in a win for Ian & Tony -  7-2, 0-7, 7-5

Wednesday 30th August

Club GC League Division 2

Liz Parker beat Peter Emmerson 7-3,2-7,7-5
Tony Turner beat Val Knowles 7-6, 7-6
Peter Emmerson beat Tony Turner 7-4, 6-6,7-5

Despite this loss Tony Turner is the winner of the GC League Division 2 this year beating Liz Parker on net games after each won five of their six matches:

                                      P     W     L     Net Games     Net Hoops    

1   Tony Turner               6     5     1             +7                 +22 
2   Liz Parker                  6     5     1             +5                 +12 
3   Peter Emmerson         6     4     2             +2                 +9
4   Jean Thompson          6     4     2             +2                -10
5   Sue Caygill                 6     2    4              0                   +2
6   Val Knowles                6     1     5             -6                 -11
7    Daphne Turner          6     0    6             -10                -27 

Club GC League Division 1

Hedley Parker beat Brenda Johnson 6-7,7-3,7-5
Hedley Parker beat David Knowles 7-4, 7-5
Derek Johnson beat David Knowles 7-6, 7-5
Jacquie Errington beat Brenda Johnson 7-4, 6-7, 7-3
Derek Johnson beat Brenda Johnson 6-7, 7-2, 7-5
David Knowles beat Brenda Johnson 7-6,7-5.
David Knowles beat Jacquie Errington 7-5, 7-2

As things stand Hedley Parker is top of Division 1 with a 100% record from his four games.

Tuesday 29th August

CN GC Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Brenda Johnson 10-6, 10-6

Monday 28th August

Club GC Singles

David Millener beat Derek Johnson 7-4, 7-3

Club GC League Division 2

Liz Parker beat Jean Thompson 7-3,6-7,7-2

Club GC League Division 1

Hedley Parker beat Jacquie Errington 7-6,7-6
Hedley Parker beat Derek Johnson 5-7,7-5,7-6
Jacquie Errington beat Derek Johnson 7-5, 7-3

Thursday 24th August

Club GC League Division 2

Sue Caygill beat Val Knowles 7-5, 7-4

Tony Turner beat Daphne Turner 7-4, 7-5

Tuesday 22nd August

Club GC League Division 2

Liz Parker beat Sue Caygill 7-6, 5-7, 7-4

Monday 21st August

Club GC League Division 2

Jean Thompson beat Val Knowles 5-7, 7-6, 7-5

Peter Emmerson beat Val Knowles 5-7, 7-5, 7-3

Thursday 15th August

Club GC League Division 2

Jean Thompson beat Sue Caygill 2-7, 7-6, 7-4

Saturday 12th August

CN GC League Div 2 - Belsay v Durham

Belsay triumphed in this match at Chester-le-Street winning 13 games to 5

Thursday 10th August

Club GC Singles KO

Hedley Parker beat Jean Thompson 7-5, 7-0

Wednesday 9th August

CN GC League Div 1 Match v Auckland

The Belsay Hall team of Robert Nixon (H/cap 4), Hedly Parker (4), Ian Hunter (1) & Phil Errington (-1) triumphed over the Auckland team of Carol Brady (3), Freda Vitty (2), Eugene Brady (1) & Jane Pringle (1) winning by 13 games to 5.

Monday 7th August

CN GC Progressive Doubles

16 participants representing Auckland, Durham & Belsay Hall took part in the annual 8 rounds CN GC Progressive Doubles tournament on a surprisingly fine day.
Play amongst both the 'senior' and 'junior' players was tight with 3 seniors on 6.5 wins (out of 8 max) and 3 juniors on 4.5 wins.
Using hoop points as the decider Ian Hunter was declared 'Senior' winner and Richard Penrose (Auckland) the 'Junior' winner.
After presentation of the prizes everyone enjoyed the traditional tea & cake.

Tuesday 1st August

Club GC League Div 2

Sue Caygill beat Daphne Turner 7-4, 7-3

Val Knowles beat Daphne Turner 7-4, 5-7, 7-4

Liz Parker beat Daphne Turner 7-4, 7-5 Sue Caygill 7-5, 4-7, 7-5 and Val Knowles 7-5, 4-7, 7-5

Jean Thompson beat Daphne Turner 4-7, 7-4, 7-6 and Peter Emmerson 7-4, 7-6

Peter Emmerson beat Sue Caygill 5-7, 7-5, 7-6

Tony Turner beat Sue Caygill 5-7, 7-0, 7-4 Liz Parker 5-7, 7-4, 7-4 and Jean Thompson 7-4, 7-3

Club GC Singles KO

David Millener beat Ian Hunter 7-6, 4-7, 7-6.

Thursday 27th July

Club GC Doubles

Hedley Parker & Daphne Turner beat Brenda Johnson & Jean Thompson 
7-1, 6-7,7-5.

Club GC Singles

Tony Turner beat David Millener 7-5, 4-7, 7-6.

Tuesday 25th July

Club GC Doubles

Ian Hunter & Tony Turner beat Brenda Johnson & Jean Thompson 7-6, 7-3.

Club GC Singles

Hedley Parker beat Jacquie Errington by walkover

Sunday 23rd July

CN GC Singles

Ian Hunter (1) beat Marcia Henderson (Auckland) 10-4. 10-8.

Tuesday 18th July

CN GC Singles

Brenda Johnson(8) lost to Eugene Brady(1) (Auckland) 7-10, 4-10.

Sunday 16th July

Club AC Singles

Liz Nisbet beat Charles Topaz 26-10.

Club GC Singles

Ian Hunter beat David Knowles 7-2, 7-5.

Saturday 15th July

Inter Club Shield (The Murphy Shield)

After their triumphant walkover against Tyneside in the previous round Belsay travelled to Pendle & Craven for their second round match but were overpowered  6-1 with David avoiding the whitewash in the last match to finish.

David Millener(3)&Chris Wood(3) lost to Libby Dixon(2)&Keith Terry(3) 7-6,4-7,7-1.
Brenda Johnson(8) lost to Paul Dowdall(3) 4-7,6-7.
Derek Johnson(3) lost to Will Drake(6) 6-7,7-6,5-7.
David Millener(3) beat Libby Dixon(2) 4-7,7-1,7-5.
Chris Wood(3) lost to Keith Terry(3) 5-7,6-7.
Derek Johnson(3) lost to Paul Dowdall(3) 4-7,3-7.
Brenda Johnson(8) lost to Will Drake(6) 4-7,1-7.

Friday 14th July

Inter Club Trophy

Belsay made its annual foray into the realms of the big fish of the croquet world with a meeting with Bowdon on the neutral lawns of York CC.
Last year we travelled to Bowdon and played opponents with two -2 handicappers, one -1 and one zero.  Eric beating a -2 handicap player and Derek taking a game of a 0 player clearly stung them into action because this time they had three -2s and a -1!
It was Bastille Day and there was a hint of revolution in the air as Derek beat a -2 in two straight games, Phil and Ian beat two -2s in the doubles also in two straight and Eric was drawing one game each against the -1.  Their third game was held in abeyance to see if it was needed but sure enough in the end the natural order of things was established as Bowdon won the four afternoon singles in short orderto run out winners 4½-2½.

Phil Errington(-1) & Ian Hunter(1) beat Alan Mayne(-2) & David Crawford(-2) 7-5,7-2
Derek Johnson(3) beat Colin Irwin(-2) 7-6,7-3.
Eric Nixon(1) drew with Ken Cooper(-1) 5-7, 7-6.
Phil Errington(-1) lost to Alan Mayne(-2) 4-7,6-7.
Ian Hunter(1) lost to David Crawford(-2) 4-7,2-7.
Eric Nixon(1) lost to Colin Irwin(-2) 3-7, 3-7.
Derek Johnson lost to Ken Cooper(-1) 4-7,4-7.

Thursday 13th July

CN GC Singles

Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 10-9, 10-6.

Wednesday 12th July

CA Ascot Cup (GC) Qualifier - Ashby CC

Chris Wood just missed out qualifying for the Ascot Cup on hoop difference to Martin French but went on to win the 'Plate' event with some good wins against higher ranked players.

As a result of this performance Chris's handicap improved to 3.

Tuesday 11th July

Club GC Singles KO

Jean Thompson beat Val Knowles 7-3, 7-5

Sunday 9th July

Club GC Singles KO

Brenda Johnson beat Megs Rogers 7- 5, 7-3

Friday 7th July

Courts are playable again

As if to prove the point....

Club GC Singles

David Millener (3) beat Jacquie Errington (6) 7-2, 7-5.

CN GC Singles

Brenda Johnson beat Marcia Henderson (Auckland) 10-9, 10-5.

Thursday 29th June

Courts waterlogged - no play permitted today or Friday

Grass not being cut tomorrow (Friday) due to waterlogging. 

No play on Friday, over the weekend or all next week because of the rain and the grass being even longer than normal.

Wednesday 28th June

CN GC League Division 1

Alnmouth & Alnwick 8 Belsay Hall 10

Despite the ground having standing water on Tuesday evening it was clear early on the Wednesday morning and passed the early morning pitch inspection. Belsay squeezed home 10-8

Phil Errington(-1) & Derek Johnson(3) lost to Derek Gerrard(4) & John Howie(5) 3-7
Hedley Parker(4) beat Ann Doughty(5) 7-5
Ian Hunter(1) beat Ted Sisterson(5) 7-2
Ian Hunter(1) & Hedley Parker(4) beat Ann Doughty(5) & Ted Sisterson(5) 7-4
Derek Johnson(3) lost to Derek Gerrard(4) 6-7
Phil Errington(-1) beat John Howie(5) 7-6
Phil Errington(-1) & Hedley Parker(4) beat Derek Gerrard(4) & Ted Sisterson (5)7-5
Ian Hunter(1) beat Ann Doughty(5) 7-4
Derek Johnson(3) lost to John Howie(5) 6-7
Ian Hunter(1) & Derek Johnson(3) beat Ann Doughty(5) & John Howie(5) 7-5
Phil Errington(-1) lost to Derek Gerrard(4) 6-7
Hedley Parker(4) lost to Ted Sisterson (5) 4-7
Derek Johnson(3) & Hedley Parker(4) lost to John Howie(5) & Ted Sisterson(5) 3-7
Ian Hunter(1) lost to Derek Gerrard(4) 5-7
Phil Errington(-1) beat Ann Doughty(5) 7-1
Phil Errington(-1) & Ian Hunter(1) beat Derek Gerrard(4) & Ann Doughty(5) 7-2
Hedley Parker(4) beat John Howie(5) 7-5
Derek Johnson(3) lost to Ted Sisterson(5) 4-7

Monday 26th June

Club GC Singles KO

Jean Thompson beat Liz Parker 4-7, 7-3, 7-2

Saturday 17th June

Club GC Singles KO

Megs Rogers beat Derek Johnson 7-2, 7-5

Friday 16th June 2017

CN GC Inter-Club Doubles Tournament at Bamburgh

     The fifth edition of this very popular fixture on the CN calendar took place, unusually, on a Friday because of a wedding reception booked into the pavilion for the Saturday (don't worry, Jamie's booked the Saturday date for the next three years).  Alnmouth & Alnwick were defending champions and holders of the Alice Fleck Trophy in a tournament consisting of two games of doubles between each club whereby the handicaps of the four players must add up to at least 20, with two points for every win and one for a draw.
      Tyneside's call for players elicited positive responses from only Phyllis Appleby and May Hall whereas at Belsay there were 10 volunteers.  When the rules of the tournament arrived, the limit of six players in a squad prompted a bit of quick arithmetic by Derek Johnson where he worked out that all 12 volunteers could be catered for and everybody would get a few games at least, Jamie Edgar wouldn't be left with a gaping hole in his tournament programme, and wearing his Treasurer's hat, Tyneside's entry fee wouldn't be forfeited.
Belsay's team comprised of Liz and Hedley Parker, Julie and David Millener, Brenda Johnson and Robert Nixon. Any four playing at one time with their accumulative handicaps being 20 or more.     
Phil Errington, Ian Hunter, Derek Johnson and Eric Nixon (all members of both clubs) were all pencilled in to join May and Phyllis in the Tyneside team. With May, Phyllis and Derek playing in every match (to meet the handicap criteria), each of the other three would get two games apiece and Phil would finally get to play in the tournament having been Referee of Tournament every year thus far without a game.  As previously reported Phil then spoilt the Master Plan by winning his CN Singles match on Tuesday and reducing his handicap to -1, thereby making it impossible to reach the magic 20 with any permutation.
      With one round to go any of three teams could have won the trophy. Bamburgh were on 15 points, Auckland and Tyneside were on 14 and Belsay on 9. BUT the first two were playing each other in the last round and Belsay was playing Tyneside. If Belsay lost to Tyneside it was technically possible for Tyneside to win providing Bamburgh lost both their games against Auckland. 
Bamburgh and Auckland duly won one match each and we beat Tyneside in both games lifting us into 4th position.
      So Bamburgh won "their" tournament for the first time, Auckland won a stick of Seahouses rock (each), Tyneside finished third, with Belsay fourth, Alnmouth & Alnwick fifth and Durham and perennial guests Edinburgh, joint sixth.
       The CN's GC League Manager commented "It is heartening that the federation's two youngest clubs have now won this tournament, showing a big improvement in play since its inauguration".

Tuesday 13th June

Club GC Singles KO

David Millener beat Daphne Turner 7-6, 7-5

CN GC Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Nigel Martin 10-6, 10-9

Phil's handicap moves to -1

Monday 12th June

Club GC Singles KO

Tony Turner beat Robert Nixon 5-7, 7-5, 7-3

Thursday 8th June

Club AC Singles

Eric Nixon beat Liz Nisbet 20-18. 

Thursday 8th June
Court Conditions

With heavy rain on Tuesday, today (Thursday) and more rain forecast for Saturday both courts have standing water and all play should be suspended until at least Sunday 11th June. PME.

Thursday 1st June
Club GC Singles

Brenda Johnson beat Val Knowles 7-4, 7-5.
Hedley Parker beat Eric Nixon 7-5, 5-7, 7-6.
Liz Parker beat David Knowles 7-6, 7-3.

Wednesday 31st May

Club GC League Division One

Jacquie Errington beat Brenda Johnson 7-5, 7-3

Monday 29th May

Club GC Singles

Derek Johnson beat Sue Caygill 7-6, 7-5.
David Millener beat Brenda Johnson 7-5, 7-3.


Saturday 27th May

CN GC League Division 1

Tyneside 3½ Belsay Hall 14½ 

Eric Nixon(1) & Chris Wood(4) beat Derek Watts(2) & Mike Solomon(6) 7-6
Hedley Parker(4) beat Nora Burbridge(4) 7-4
Robert Nixon(4) drew with May Hall(8) 5-5
Robert Nixon(4) & Hedley Parker(4) beat Nora Burbridge(4) & May Hall(8) 7-5
Chris Wood(4) beat Derek Watts(4) 7-3
Eric Nixon(1) beat Mike Solomon(6) 7-6
Eric Nixon(1) & Hedley Parker(4) beat Derek Watts(2) & May Hall(8)7-5
Robert Nixon(4) beat Nora Burbridge(4) 7-6
Chris Wood(4) beat Mike Solomon(6) 7-4
Robert Nixon(4) & Chris Wood(4) beat Nora Burbridge(4) & Mike Solomon(6) 7-5
Eric Nixon(1) beat Derek Watts(2) 7-3
Hedley Parker(4) beat May Hall (8) 7-5
Chris Wood(4) & Hedley Parker(4) beat Mike Solomon(6) & May Hall(8) 7-3
Robert Nixon(4) lost to Derek Watts(2) 2-7
Eric Nixon(1) beat Nora Burbridge(5) 7-3
Eric Nixon(1) & Robert Nixon(4) beat Derek Watts(2) & Nora Burbridge(4) 7-2
Hedley Parker(4) beat Mike Solomon(6) 7-4
Chris Wood(4) beat May Hall(8) 7-3

Friday 26th May

CN GC League Division 2

Bamburgh 9 Belsay Hall 9

Liz Parker(9) & Sue Caygill(12) beat Ian Wilkinson(6) & Carol Carney(8) 7-6
Daphne Turner(14) lost to Nick Jones(7) 4-7
Tony Turner(11) lost to Rosi Ashwell(8) 3-7
Tony Turner(11) & Daphne Turner(14) beat Nick Jones(7) & Rosi Ashwell(8) 7-4
Sue Caygill(12) lost to Ian Wilkinson(6) 3-7
Liz Parker(9) lost to Carol Carney(8) 5-7
Liz Parker(9) & Daphne Turner(14) drew with Ian Wilkinson(6) & Rosi Ashwell(8)4-4
Tony Turner(11) beat Nick Jones(7) 7-3
Sue Caygill(12) beat Carol Carney(8) 7-3
Tony Turner(11) & Sue Caygill(12) beat Nick Jones(7) & Carol Carney(8) 7-6
Liz Parker(9) lost to Ian Wilkinson(6) 1-7
Daphne Turner(14) drew with Rosi Ashwell(8) 5-5
Sue Caygill(12) & Daphne Turner(14) lost to Carol Carney(8) & Rosi Ashwell(8) 4-7
Tony Turner(11) beat Ian Wilkinson(6) 7-3
Liz Parker(9) lost to Nick Jones(7) 6-7
 Liz Parker(9) & Tony Turner(11) lost to Ian Wilkinson(6) & Nick Jones(7)6-7
Daphne Turner(14) beat Carol Carney(8) 7-6
Sue Caygill(12) lost to Rosi Ashwelll(8) 2-3

Wednesday 24th May

Club GC Singles KO

Eric Nixon beat Tony Turner 7-5, 4-7, 7-6

Tuesday 23rd May

Club GC Doubles

Hedley Parker & Daphne Turner beat Robert Nixon & Sue Caygill 7-4,4-7,7-4 

Club GC Singles

 Jacquie Errington beat Megs Rogers 7-1, 7-5

Tuesday 16th May

Club GC Singles

Val Knowles beat Daphne Turner 4-7,7-4, 7-5

Saturday 20th May

Club Ricochet Tournament

Owing to the inclement weather forecast this tournament has been postponed.

Saturday 13th May

Club One Ball Tournament

 An encouraging turnout of 12 for the 2017 edition of this tournament.  Manager David Millener devised a format of two blocks of six followed by cross-block matches.

Block A                                                Block B
1st  Phil Errington    4 wins 63 hoops   1st Ian Hunter            4 wins 62 hoops
2nd Eric Nixon         4 wins 62 hoops   2nd Derek Johnson     4 wins 61 hoops
3rd Robert Nixon     3 wins 55 hoops   3rd David Millener      3 wins 60 hoops
4th Sue Caygill         3 wins 53 hoops   4th Jean Thompson     2 wins 56 hoops
5th Hedley Parker    1 win   41 hoops   5th David Knowles       2 wins 53 hoops 
6th Brenda Johnson 0 wins 43 hoops   6th Jacquie Errington 0 wins 42 hoops

     So despite beating Phil, Eric was pipped for top spot in Block A by one hoop.  One hoop was again the tie-breaker at the top of Block B with Ian beating Derek.

Cross Block Matches
                                      Ian Hunter beat Phil Errington 13-10
                                      Eric Nixon beat Derek Johnson 13-9
                                      David Millener beat Robert Nixon 13-11
                                      Jean Thompson beat Sue Caygill 13-10.

    So Ian Hunter is the Club One Ball Champion for 2017.

Tuesday 9th May

Club GC Singles KO

 Jacquie Errington beat Sue Caygill 7 - 6, 7 - 4

Monday 1st May
Club Charity Fun Day

    The usual mix of variations on a theme of croquet provided the day's entertainment and raised £140 for a charity yet to be nominated.  Any nominations for this year's recipient would be warmly welcomed by the Committee.  We usually like to donate to a charity that resonates with a club member in some way but any worthwhile cause would be considered.
     Robert Nixon emerged from the day's proceedings with an unblemished record of eight wins and Phil Errington secured the runner-up spot on the hoops scored tie-breaker.

Saturday 22nd April 

First Day of the 2017 Season

Thursday 16th March

Club Annual General Meeting

    The Club AGM will precede the final Winter Lunch of the close season at The Highlander starting at 11.00.  Tea and coffee will be available.