Belsay Hall Croquet Club


26th September 2011 - Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles

     Eric and Robert Nixon triumphed over Brenda Johnson and Phil Errington 7-2, 7-4 in the final played at Nunsmoor Park

25th September 2011 - Phil Errington wins the "Top Of the Tree" GC tournament at Ripon

     Phil Errington, Jacqui Old and Derek Johnson made the journey to the Ripon Spa Hotel to compete in the Top Of The Tree tournament, an event inaugurated by Syd Jones but now managed by Rosemary Longbottom and run under the auspices of the hotel.

     There were seven entrants, the Belsay contingent plus Jane Pringle from Bishop Auckland (the defending champion) and three from the Ripon club, Ted Flaxman, Stuart Arthur and Tim Lyman.

     In an All-Play-All format the final standings were:

     1   Phil Errington 5 wins from 6, net hoops +15 (Phil's only loss was to Ted)

     2  Ted Flaxman 4 wins from 6, net hoops +6

     3  Jane Pringle 3 wins from 6, net hoops +3

     4  Tim Lyman 3 wins from 6, net hoops -4

     5  Jacqui Old 2 wins from 6, net hoops -4

     6  Derek Johnson 2 wins from 6, net hoops -6

     7  Stuart Arthur 2 wins from 6, net hoops -12


Rear:  Jane Pringle, Jacqui Old, Derek Johnson, Phil Errington, Stuart Arthur, Ted Flaxman and Tim Lyman.

                                                             Front: Rosemary Longbottom                         Photo courtesy of Derek Old

Croquet North GC Singles 2011    

     The Croquet North Golf Croquet Singles Championship was played throughout the season in a format of the best of three 19 point games.  Players were guaranteed a home match and an away match for their first games.

     The final was played at neutral Middlesbrough on 21st September where Eugene Brady was rewarded for all his organising work by beating Phil Errington +4 +2.  As Eugene said in his covering message "Thanks to all who supported the championship. I hope it has encouraged new entrants to spread the word within their clubs."  Why not give it a try next year?

  CN Golf Croquet Championships 2011 – Singles


Preliminary Rd. 1st Round                       2nd Round                 Semi-Finals            Final

                Derek Johnson

                                             Eugene Brady+1 +3

Eugene Brady                                Eugene Brady-1 +1 +1

                John Moore

Jane Pringle                               John Moore +3 +4

                        Jane Pringle +2 +3

David Turner                                                                                                

Phil Errington                                                                           Eugene Brady -2 +1 +1

                 Phil Errington -1 +2 +4                                                      

David Parsons

Carol Brady                Phil Errington  +5 +4

                 Roger Carpenter +6 +2

Roger Carpenter

                                                                        Phil Errington  +7 +3

                    Eric Nixon

                                                Eric Nixon +4 +3

                     Colin Green


Preliminary Rd. 1st Round                       2nd Round                 Semi-Finals            Final

                Roger Carpenter

                                            Jane Pringle-1 +2 +1

Jane Pringle                                John Moore+2 -5 +4

                        Carol Brady

Colin Green                             John Moore  +3 -1 +6

                        John Moore -3 +3 +1

John Moore                                                                                                 

Eugene Brady                                                                         Phil Errington -2 +4 +8

                 Phil Errington +2 +5                                                      

Phil Errington

David Parsons             Phil Errington +4 +4

                 Eric Nixon +7 +1

Eric Nixon                                       Phil Errington +5 +2                              

                 David Turner

                                            David Turner +4 +6  

                 Derek Johnson


 Croquet North AC League 2011

     Belsay's game at York on 24th September brought to a close the 2011 season of the Croquet North AC League and meant that Belsay finished as runners-up to Middlesbrough (Resolution). 

     The season's results were as follows:

14/15 May           Middlesbrough (Endeavour)  3  Middlesbrough (Resolution) 1
                             Belsay Hall                          2  Tyneside                            2

11/12 June           Tyneside                             4   York                                 0

16/17 July           Middlesbrough (Endeavour)  3   Tyneside                           1

14 August             Middlesbrough (Resolution) 4   Belsay Hall                        0

20/21 August       Belsay Hall                         3   Middlesbrough (Endeavour) 1
                             Middlesbrough (Resolution)  3   York                                  1

17/18 September  York                                  3   Middlesbrough (Endeavour) 1
                              Tyneside                            2   Middlesbrough (Resolution) 2

24 September       York                                  1    Belsay Hall                        3

So the final table looked like this:

                                P     W     D     L       F     A     Pts.
Middlesbrough (Resolution)  4     2      1      1      10    6      5
Belsay Hall                   4     2      1      1       8    8      5 
Tyneside                      4     1      2     1        9    7      4
Middlesbrough (Endeavour)  4     2      0      2       8     8     4
York                          4     1      0      3       5    11     2

24th September 2011 - Belsay beat York 3-1 in Croquet North AC League

     The oft rearranged match against York was finally fulfilled with Derek Old, Jack Shotton and Derek Johnson travelling down to York.

     Belsay won the two games of singles comparatively easily, the morning singles went to Derek Johnson (18) 26-12 over Piers Percival (16), whilst Jack won the afternoon singles 26-5 over fellow 14 handicapper Margaret Garner.

     The two doubles were a different matter entirely.  In the morning Derek Old (7) and Jack fought back from a long way behind to pip Andy Starkey (2.5) and Margaret 19-18 on the Golden Hoop after time ran out with the scores tied.  The Golden Hoop was required in the afternoon as well when Dave Hudson (11) replaced Piers alongside Andy.  This time York triumphed 25-24 when Derek Johnson was presented with the choice of hitting the peg or an opposing ball next to rover from near the halfway line.  he went for the ball on the grounds that it's wider than the peg, hit rover and saw the ball bounce off just wide.

     A good (and long) day's croquet made all the better by winning and being given a splendid lunch into the bargain.

 Piers Percival, Derek Old, Derek Johnson, Jack Shotton, Margaret Garner and Andy Starkey

Jack Shotton and Derek Johnson weigh up their next shots at York - with remarkably similar facial contortions!

(All photos courtesy of Tony Garner of York CC)

 17th September 2011 - Belsay lose English Heritage Trophy to Brodsworth Hall 10-8

     The latest contest for the English Heritage Trophy went the way of the last two years' matches with the home team coming out on top.

Match 1   John Crosland & Sarah Coombes    lost to Derek & Jacqui Old                                  6-7                  0-1

Match 2   Peter Veal & Julie Milne              lost to Derek Johnson & Jack Shotton                 1-7                   0-2

Match 3   Peter Veal & Sarah Coombes         lost to Derek Johnson & Jacqui Old                     3-7                  0-3

Match 4   John Crosland & Julie Milne         beat    Derek Old & Jack Shotton                       7-6                   1-3 

Match 5   John Crosland & Peter Veal          beat    Derek Old  Derek Johnson                    7-4                   2-3

Match 6   Julie Milne & Sarah Coombes       beat    Jack Shotton Jacqui Old                      6-5 (time)          3-3

Match 7               John Crosland                 beat                Derek Old                                  7-5                    4-3

Match 8                  Peter Veal                   beat             Derek Johnson                                7-4                   5-3

Match 9                 Julie Milne                  lost to           Jack Shotton                                  3-7                   5-4

Match 10              Sarah Coombes               beat              Jacqui Old                                     7-4                   6-4

Match 11               Sarah Coombes               beat             Jack Shotton                                  7-5                   7-4

Match 12               Julie Milne                  lost to             Jacqui Old                                     3-7                   7-5

Match 13                 Peter Veal                  lost to              Derek Old                                    6-7                   7-6

Match 14              John Crosland                beat             Derek Johnson                                 7-5                   8-6

Match 15                 Peter Veal                   beat                Jacqui Old                                   7-4                   9-6

Match 16              John Crosland                beat              Jack Shotton                                  7-0                  10-6

Match 17               Sarah Coombes             lost to           Derek Johnson                                 1-7                  10-7

Match 18               Julie Milne                  lost to              Derek Old                                    0-7                  10-8

Although it might look from the results above that the last two games were dead rubbers, the chronology of the match meant that the score was actually 9-8 with Match 15 between Peter Veal and Jacqui Old still in progress.  Unfortunately, Jacqui was unable to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat (we had more hoops than Brodsworth and would have won if the contest had been drawn).

     A hard fought match played in an excellent spirit and with a nice lunch.  What more could you want, apart from revenge next year!

Above:  The two teams and Brodsworth President Betty Brockman

Left: Betty presents John Crosland with the Trophy 

Below: Part of Brodsworth Hall's magnificent gardens.  Well worth a visit, just off the A1 near Doncaster.  Well signposted too.  The house even has furniture in it!

15th September 2011 - Middlesbrough AC Progressive Doubles Tournament.

     For the last event of the season twelve competitors from Belsay (4), Auckland (1) and M’bro (7), entered an AC Progressive Doubles at Albert Park, using three excellent full lawns.

     On this occasion it was played as alternate-stroke 14-point handicap doubles. Competitors were divided into two blocks of six; the lower handicap block ranged from 2.5 to 9 and the higher block 12 to 20. Time limits were 75 mins which caused few problems: five rounds were completed, giving a total of 15 matches (12 of which pegged out). All players accrued hoop points equally from their various partnerships.

Individual winners were Derek Johnson and Tom Banfield.

BLOCK A                HC  Hoops Place                            BLOCK B                HC Hoops Place

Tom Banfield M’bro 8    59 1st                               Derek Johnson      Belsay 18 66 1st

John Norris M’bro    9   52 2nd                              John Parks           M’bro         18 55 2nd

David Millener Belsay 7    50    3rd                              Eric Nixon           Belsay         12 53 3rd

Phil Errington Belsay 2.5 41 4th                              Hilary Grant       M’bro         16 37 4th

Roger Staples M’bro 4.5 41 4th                              Sylvia MacCallum M’bro         20 35 5th

Eugene Brady Auckland 9  33 6th                              Nigel Roberts      M’bro         16 30 6th

Report by Charles Waterfield (Manager)

   (from left to right) Eric Nixon, Hilary Grant, Nigel Roberts, Sylvia MacCallum, Derek Johnson, John Parks, Eugene Brady, John Norris,Tom Banfield, Roger Staples, Phil Errington and David Millener     

16th September 2011 - Golf League Inter Confernce Play-off

     Liz Nisbet prevailed over Eric Nixon at Nunsmoor in the play-off between the two conference winners 7-3, 6-7, 7-4,  making good use of her bisques.


Tyneside Quaich 2011

     This tournament was played on Bank Holiday Monday, August 29th, at Exhibition Park.  It is played as a three hour, time limited, advanced, alternate shot, with bisques (still with me?).  The Belsay team was David Millener and Derek Old as Belsay "A" and Phil Errington and your correspondent as Belsay "B".  Eric Nixon was down to play with Phil but had to cry off at the last minute because of a business trip to France.  Having played only one game under Advanced Rules previously, and still not sure when you get a lift, a contact, buy one get one free or interest free credit with nothing to pay until 2012, I approached the tournament with some trepidation.  Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained and if I just did as my partner told me I wouldn't go far wrong, as so many of us at Belsay have learnt over the years.  I did at least bring more bisques to the party as despite my handicap being cut to 18 it was still 6 higher than Eric's!

    The format was:

Morning:                                                            Afternoon:                                                          

Tyneside A  v Belsay Hall B                          Tyneside A v Middlesbrough B                                               Middlesbrough A v Tyneside B                             Belsay Hall A v Tyneside B                                                      Belsay Hall A v Middlesbrough B                         Middlesbrough A v Belsay Hall B   

     Phil and I managed to narrowly beat Tyneside A (Sheila and Derek Watts) but David and Derek were edged out by the Middlesbrough B pairing of Tom Banfield and John Fitzpatrick.  Middlesbrough A (Charles Waterfield and Nigel Roberts) beat Tyneside B (Nora Burbridge and John Moore), so at lunch Middlesbrough had two wins, Belsay one and Tyneside nil.

     In the afternoon session though, both Belsay teams won their matches and Tyneside A beat Middlesbrough B so Belsay finished first with 3 wins, Middlesbrough had two and Tyneside one.

     In presenting the trophy, the Tyneside Chairman, David Appleton who was also the Tournament Manager, ruefully observed that although the trophy is called the Tyneside Quaich, Tyneside are yet to win it in the four years it has been contested between the three clubs. 

Derek Johnson

 David Appleton prepares to present the trophy to the winning captain, Phil Errington

David Appleton finishes presenting the trophy!                (Derek Old is still there by the way, he hadn't slipped away)