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GC League 2019 

     13 members have expressed an interest in entering this year's Golf Croquet League.  Although dates for the completion of matches are not published competitors are asked to bear in mind that they have five matches to play and to try to space them out across the season rather than leave them all until September!

     This year's league matches will  be played as level games, i.e. without bisques.  It is  still important for members to maintain their handicap cards so that their handicap is a true reflection of their ability.  Matches between players with different handicaps will result in more than 10 points being at stake for players' indices.

     For instructions on how to maintain handicap cards please refer to the following page on this website, gc-handicap-card.php.               

     Again, there will be a first and second division to avoid games with large differences in handicaps.  There will therefore be a trophy for the winner of each division.  I must stress again though that if anyone fails to fulfil all their league fixtures their results will be expunged from the league, i.e. any matches they may have completed will not count towards the league placings (although those results will still stand on the player's handicap card).  

If anyone is unable to play all their fixtures because of a change of circumstances, e,g, long term injury, please let me know asap.  It's much better to drop out early in the season rather than on the last day! 

      League matches will be the best of 3 games played to the best of 13 points, i.e. if someone wins the first two games the match is over, when someone reaches 7 points the game is over.  

     Each player plays the rest of the division once.  Please e-mail the result to the club e-mail address,, and I will issue regular bulletins and league standings.


    Standings in the divisions will be decided by a) Matches Won b) Net Games Won c) Net Hoops d)  the result of the head to head match (it went down to this five years ago to decide the winner so please be sure to record the scores for each game accurately).

     The divisions are:      

Division 1                           JE          IH          DK          DM          RN          EN          HP         P     W     D     L     F     A     Pts.

Jacquie Errington             XXXX      -5+1-7       -6-2       +4-1-2     +2-5-4       -5-3        -3-2        6      0     0      6    3     12      0 

Ian Hunter                      +5-1+7      XXXX       +4+5      +2-2+3

David Knowles                    +6+2       -4-5         XXXX     -4-4

David Millener                 -4+6+5     -2+2-3       +4+4       XXXX       +1+1         -2-3        +4+1        6      4     0     2     9      5       8  

Robert Nixon                   -2+5+4                                    -1-1         XXXX

Eric Nixon                         +5+3                                    +5+4                      XXXX

Hedley Parker                     +4+5                                     -4-1                                    XXXX 

Division 2             BJ          JM          LP          JT          DT         TT           P     W     D     L     F     A     Pts.

Brenda Johnson        XXXX          -4-1          -5+4+2

Julie Millener            +4+1          XXXX        +2-3-3            -2-4               +1+2          +1-2-1               5        2        0       3        11      15          4

Liz Parker               +5-4-2        -2+3+3         XXXX          +1-2+6                             -3+4-4

Jean Thompson                           +2+4                              XXXX

Daphne Turner                            -1-2                                                    XXXX            -3-3

Tony Turner                              -1+2+1          +3-4+4                                +3+3           XXXX


       May I wish everybody the best of luck for the season and may I also ask you to make every effort to complete all your matches.

Golf Croquet League - Division 2