Belsay Hall Croquet Club



Belsay Castle League 2016    

Games are 18 points on full sized courts with a time limit of 2 hours.  (After one ball has run Hoop 1 the partner clip is placed on 3 Back.)

     10 minutes to be added if double banked.

     Each game uses bisques off handicap difference for 18 point games as displayed on the Club noticeboard.

     No drawn games.  If there is a draw at the end of time each player takes a turn until one player scores their next hoop.

     If there is a tie on the number of wins, the first tie breaker is the number of hoops run and then who beat whom.

Liz Nisbet is the league organiser. 

Robert Nixon Brian Prickett Megs Rogers Charles Topaz WINS NET HOOPS LEAGUE POSITION
Liz  Nisbet   XXXXXX 11-12
18-6  9-8  18-4  3

Robert Nixon
XXXXXX 16-12  18-6  10-11  3
16  2nd

Brian Prickett
6-18  12-16  XXXXXX 13-5    -8  3rd

Megs Rogers
8-9  6-18  5-13  XXXXXX 8-7  -20  5th 

Charles Topaz
4-18  11-10    7-8  XXXXXX -14  4th