Belsay Hall Croquet Club


Sunday 5th October

CN AC Handicap Singles Championship

David Millener beat Alison Heywood-Hill (Tyneside) 26-22 to become the 2014 Handicap Singles Champion.

Tuesday 30th September  









Belsay Hall







Middlesbrough (Resolution)














Middlesbrough (Endeavour)














Well done to all team players!

Friday 26th September


East Pennine



The final CN EPL AC league match of the season saw Belsay triumph over Tyneside CC at Exhibition Park by 5 games to 2.

Phil Errington (0.5) & David Millener (6) lost to Derek Watts (2.5) & Peter Wallace (9) 0-26

Derek Johnson (14) beat Alison Heywood Hill (18) 19-16t

Geoff Clemence (16) beat Colin Green (11) 22-15t

Phil Errington lost to Derek Watts 21-26

David Millener beat Peter Wallace 26-19

Derek Johnson beat Colin Green 26-2

Geoff Clemence beat Alison Heywood-Hill 18-16t








Pendle & Craven






Belsay Hall


















As Belsay Hall are the leading team in Croquet North they qualify to be CN's representatives in the Secretary's Shield National Competition in 2015.

Very well done to all team players!

Sunday 21st September





Belsay's last CN AC league match of the season was at York which ended in a draw after a fortifying lunch!

                                  York 2 Belsay 2

David Millener (6) & Derek Johnson (14) lost to Lance Andrews (11) & John Crompton (18) 20-26
Eric Nixon (11) lost to Kevin Potter (16) 15-17
David Millener (6) & Eric Nixon (11) beat Lance Andrews (11) & Kevin Potter 24-21 
Derek Johnson (14) beat  John Crompton (18) 25-18

Top Of The Tree Tournament

Phil Errington and Ian Hunter travelled down to Ripon for the annual GC Top Of The Tree Tournament which Phil won.

Saturday 20th September




eague Division 1  

Belsay completed their Division 1 programme for the season by scoring their first win (after a 9-9 draw and two 8-10 defeats) at Albert Park.

                    Middlesbrough 5 Belsay Gardens 13

David Turner (3) & Ian Hunter (3) lost to Barbara McDermott (5) & Tony Haddrill (9) 6-7
Chris Wood (6) beat Arthur Ogden (7) 7-4
Derek Johnson (3) beat  Brian Gardner (9) 7-4
Derek Johnson (3) & Chris Wood (6)  beat  Arthur Ogden (7) & Brian Gardner (9) 7-6
Ian Hunter (3) beat Barbara McDermott (5) 7-4
David Turner (3) lost to Tony Haddrill (9) 3-7
David Turner (3) & Chris Wood (6)  lost to Barbara McDermott (5) & Brian Gardner (9) 4-7
Derek Johnson (3) beat Arthur Ogden (7) 7-3
Ian Hunter (3) beat Tony Haddrill (9) 7-5
Derek Johnson (3) & Ian Hunter (3) beat Arthur Ogden (7) & Tony Haddrill (9) 7-5
David Turner (3) beat Barbara McDermott (5) 7-5
Chris Wood (6) lost to Brian Gardner (9) 6-7
Ian Hunter (3) & Chris Wood (6)  lost to Tony Haddrill (9) & Brian Gardner (9) 4-6
Derek Johnson (3) beat Barbara McDermott (5) 7-3
David Turner (3) beat Arthur Ogden (7) 7-4
David Turner (3) & Derek Johnson (3) beat Barbara McDermott (5) & Arthur Ogden (7) 7-3
Chris Wood (6) beat Tony Haddrill (9) 7-6

                                 Ian Hunter (3) beat Brian Gardner (9) 7-6  

Thursday 18th September

CN AC Advanced 

Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Roger Staples (Middlesbrough) 26-5 to become the 2014 ASKO Champion.

Sunday 14th September - Last Day of Play at Belsay


Singles Championship

Process Final:  David Millener beat Derek Johnson 26-22

Derek's handicap rises to 14.

Club GC 

Doubles Championship

Draw Final - Derek Johnson & Liz Parker beat Ian Hunter & Chris Wood 7-6 7-5

Overall Final - Derek Johnson & Liz Parker beat Robert Nixon & Jean Thompson 7-6 7-6 and are the Club Champions.

Saturday 13th September

Club GC 

League Division 2

Chris Wood beat Brenda Johnson 7-3 7-6

 Chris Wood beat Edith Vest 7-2 7-0

Chris wins Division 2 of the Club GC League


Handicap Doubles

Ian Hunter and Robert Nixon and Phil Errington and Derek Johnson entered the CN GC Handicap Doubles at Middlesbrough.  Ian and Robert were making their debut in this competiton but going into the last round of matches in an All Play All format they needed to beat Derek Old and Colin MacDonald of Tyneside and hope that Phil and Derek could beat Carol and Eugene Brady from Auckland.  If those results had worked out then Ian and Robert would have won the tournament. Unfortunately, they were unable to beat Derek and Colin and with Phil and Derek beating Carol and Eugene, the Tyneside duo were clear winners with five wins from seven matches and 10 points.  Ian and Robert finally finished on seven points alongside Phil and Derek but took fourth place on the net hoops tie breaker.

Friday 12th September

Club GC 

Singles Championship

Robert Nixon beat Eric Nixon 7-3 6-7 7-4 and is the Club Champion

Thursday 11th September

Club GC 

Doubles Championship

Draw Semi-Final:  Ian Hunter & Chris Wood beat Robert Nixon & Jean Thompson 7-6 5-7 7-5

Process Final: Robert Nixon & Jean Thompson beat Ian Hunter & Chris Wood 7-6 1-7 7-5

Belsay Castle 


Robert Nixon beat Brian Prickett 18-3

Wednesday 10th September

Club AC Doubles Round Robin

Eric Nixon & Robert Nixon beat Derek Johnson & Brian Prickett 26-11

Eric and Robert are therefore this year's Club AC Doubles champions.

Club GC Singles Championship

Robert Nixon beat Ian Hunter 7-4 7-5

Robert Nixon beat Phil Errington 3-7 7-6 7-4

Robert now plays Eric Nixon in the Final

Club GC League Division 1

Ian Hunter beat Hedley Parker 7-2 7-2

Ian Hunter wins Division 1 of the Club GC League

Club GC League Division 2

Liz Parker beat Brenda Johnson 7-4 7-5

Chris Woods beat Liz Parker 6-7 7-3 7-2

Club GC Ladder

Hedley Parker beat Derek Johnson 10-8

Derek Johnson beat Brenda Johnson 10-4

Tuesday 9th September

Club GC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon 26-15 in the DRAW/PROCESS Final and is 2014 Champion

Club GC League Division 1

Ian Hunter beat Eric Nixon 7-3  7-4 

Monday 8th September

Club Afternoon on 11th September

As an adjunct to yesterday's announcement, unfortunately the only date that all four protagonists in a GC Doubles match can meet before Sunday's last day of the season is Thursday afternoon.  This is to warn potential attendees that one lawn will be in use for part of the afternoon.

Club AC Singles Championship

Eric Nixon beat Phil Errington 26-2 in the final of the DRAW. They now meet again in the DRAW/PROCESS final.

CN Advanced Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Dennis Scarr 26-21 who now meets Roger Staples in the final of this competition.

Sunday 7th September

Club Afternoons on 13th and 14th September

     This is to warn potential attendees that any outstanding competitive matches will need to be accommodated next Saturday and Sunday, the last two days of the croquet season.  Do check the calendar, but it is unlikely that there will be no opportunity for club play at all.  Matches can be double banked to allow the other lawn to be used.

Sunday 7th September

CN AC League

Belsay 1 Tyneside 3
David Millener (6) & Robert Nixon (24) lost to Don Wright (5) & Alison Heywood-Hill (18) 11-26
Derek Johnson (12) lost to Peter Wallace (10) 25-26
David Millener (6) & Derek Johnson (12)  lost to Don Wright (5) & Peter Wallace (10) 1-26
 Robert Nixon (24) beat Alison Heywood-Hill (18) 26-7

Saturday 6th September

CN AC Doubles Championship

Peter McDermott & Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough) beat Phil Errington & Derek Johnson 26-22

Club GC Doubles Championship

Derek Johnson & Liz Parker beat Trevor Smith  & Doris Burwood 7-4 7-2
 Having played Peter and Andrew three times in the last year or so with each match finishing inside of two and a half hours - often by some margin, Derek arranged to fit in an outstanding GC Doubles for 12.30.  Sod's Law came into play and the untimed CN AC match actually lasted four hours and resulted in the unusual sight of Derek running between the two courts to play his shots in either match.

Club GC League Div 2

Liz Parker beat Brenda Johnson 7-4 7-5

Chris Wood beat Jean Thompson 6-7 7-4 7-3


Friday 5th September

Belsay Castle 


Brian Prickett beat Charles Topaz 18-7

Thursday 4th September

Club GC Singles Championship

Eric Nixon beat Tony Turner 7-5 7-4 

Wednesday 3rd September

AC Club Afternoon 10th September

There will be no AC Club Afternoon next week.  This frees up the courts for anyone with outstanding competitive matches.  

You are reminded that the last playing day of the season at Belsay is Sunday 14th September

Wednesday 3rd September

AC - Belsay Hall League

Derek Johnson beat Phil Errington 26-0

David Millener beat Eric Nixon 26-24  (David's handicap is now 6)

Eric Nixon beat Derek Johnson 26-17

The upshot of this flurry of activity to clear the outstanding matches in the League are that Derek Johnson and David Millener are tied on 2 wins apiece.  Derek wins the league however on his net hoops score (+21 to +13).

AC - Belsay Castle League

Robert Nixon beat Charles Topaz 18-12

                              AC - Anstey Advanced League

Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 26-10

Phil wins the Anstey Advanced League with a 100% record. The fourth consecutive year that he has won.  Indeed, since 2005 he has failed to win the league only once of the years that it has been contested (there were not enough AC players who could/would play Advanced in 2009 and 2010).

AC - Monthly Tournament Final

David Millener beat Phil Errington 26-15

 Tuesday 2nd September

CN GC Singles KO

 Derek Johnson lost to John-Paul Moberly 2-10 7-10

 Phil Errington lost to John Paul Moberly 6-10 8-10

 Monday 1st September

CN GC Singles KO

 Phil Errington beat Roger Carpenter (Durham) 10-8 10-6

Saturday 30th August

CN GC League Division 2

Alnwick beat Belsay Castle 


Thursday 28th August

Club GC League Div 2

Liz Parker beat Edith Vest 7-4 7-2


 Wednesday 27th August

Belsay Castle League

Charles Topaz beat Geoff Clemence 9-7

CN AC Singles KO

David Millener beat Eric Nixon 26-19

 Sunday 24th August

Annual English Heritage Match vs Brodsworth Hall

Brodsworth Hall beat Belsay Hall 9.5 - 8.5 and hold the English Heritage Trophy until next year 

Saturday 23rd August

CN GC League Division 1

                     Belsay Gardens 9 Tyneside Hunters 9

Belsay and Tyneside shared the spoils thanks to a late fight back from the home team:

Eric Nixon (3) & Megs Rogers (5) beat Derek Old (3) & Colin MacDonald (3) 7-3
David Millener (4) lost to Alison Heywood-Hill (4) 2-7
Christine Wood (6) lost to Colin Green (3) 5-7
David Millener (4) & Christine Wood (6)  beat  Colin Green (3) & Alison Heywood-Hill (4) 7-4
Eric Nixon (3) beat Colin MacDonald (3) 7-1
Megs Rogers (5) lost to Derek Old (3) 4-7
Eric Nixon (3) & Christine Wood (6)  beat  Derek Old (3) & Alison Heywood-Hill (4) 7-5
David Millener (4) beat Colin Green (3) 7-3
Megs Rogers (5) lost to Colin MacDonald (3) 2-7
David Millener (4) & Megs Rogers (5)  lost to Colin Green (3) & Colin MacDonald (3) 4-7
Eric Nixon (3) lost to Derek Old (3) 6-7
Christine Wood (6) lost to Alison Heywood-Hill (4) 3-7
Megs Rogers (5) & Christine Wood (6)  lost to Colin MacDonald (3) & Alison Heywood-Hill (4) 3-7
Eric Nixon (3) beat Colin Green (3) 7-3
David Millener (4) beat Derek Old (3) 7-6
Eric Nixon (3) & David Millener (4)  lost to Derek Old (3) & Colin Green (3) 1-7
Megs Rogers (5) beat Alison Heywood-Hill (4) 7-6

                           Christine Wood (6) beat Colin MacDonald (3) 7-4 

 Friday 22nd August

Club AC Singles Championship

Eric Nixon beat Charles Topaz 26-4

 Thursday 21st August

Club GC Singles Championship

Eric Nixon beat Liz Parker 7-2 7-5

Club GC League Div 2

Liz Parker beat Jean Thompson 7-6 7-6

 Wednesday 20th August

Anstey Advanced League

Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon 26-0 TPO  (This is the first triple peel Phil has achieved).

Belsay Hall League

Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon 26-24

David Millener beat Phil Errington 26-11

 Monday 18th August

Club AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat David Millener 26-21 in the 'PROCESS' final  (Phil's handicap now 0.5)

 Sunday 17th August

CN AC League

Belsay played Middlesbrough Resolution at M'Boro mastered the courts and won 4-0 

D. Millener & G. Clemence beat P. McDermott & M. Akester 21-18
R. Nixon beat B. McDermott 26-16
D. Millener & R. Nixon beat P. McDermott & B. McDermott 24-23
G. Clemence beat M. Akester 26-18

Club GC League Div 1

Hedley Parker beat Jacquie Errington 7-3 7-4

 Saturday 16th August

Club AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Charles Topaz 26-18

 Friday 15th August

CN AC Handicap Singles Championship

Alison Heywood-Hill (Tyneside) beat David Millener 26-25

Eugene Brady (Auckland) beat Phil Errington 26-12

 Thursday 14th August

Club GC Singles Championship

Process: - Tony Turner beat Ian Hunter 7-6 7-3

Draw: - Ian Hunter beat Tony Turner 7-5 7-4 

Wednesday 13th August

Belsay Hall League

Derek Johnson beat David Millener 26-21 

Anstey Advanced League

David Millener beat Derek Johnson 26-5

                                 Club GC League

Hedley Parker beat Eric Nixon 4-7 7-5 7-4

Club GC Singles Championship 

Eric Nixon beat Hedley Parker 7-6 7-5

Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 7-3 4-7 7-4

Club AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 26-22

Belsay Castle League

Robert Nixon beat Geoff Clememnce 18-8

 Monday 11th August

If I Were A Carpenter...

.....I might have won at the Croquet North GC Progressive Doubles competition held at Belsay today.  As it was The Junior and Senior blocks were won by Madeleine and Roger Carpenter respectively.

     A full complement of 16 players, strangely all drawn from Belsay and Durham, contested the day that was cut short by a spot of inclement weather that caused some surface water.  Fortunately this meant that everyone could take tea and cake that bit sooner.  Many thanks to Eric Nixon for organising and managing the event and to Barbara McIntosh for providing the home made cookies.

Sunday 10th August

East Pennine League

Belsay lost their first EPL match for a couple of years going down 2-5 to Pendle & Craven: 

Phil Errington (1) & David Turner (7) lost to Robert Essler (1.5) & Terry Vernazza (5) 21-26
David Millener (7) beat Robin Delves (12) 26-15
Derek Johnson (12) lost to Catherine Parnell (10) 13-26
Phil Errington (1) beat Robert Essler (1.5) 26-3
David Turner (7) lost to Terry Vernazza (5) 12-26
David Millener (7) lost to Catherine Parnell (10) 16-26
Derek Johnson (12) lost to Robin Delves (12) 13-26 

Saturday 9th August

CN GC League Division 1

After a keenly contested but very enjoyable day, Durham ran out 10-8 winners:

Eric Nixon (2) & Ian Hunter (3) beat Brian Johnson (1) & Nigel Martin (4) 7-6
Derek Johnson (3) beat Dave Parsons (4) 7-5
Robert Nixon (5) lost to Roger Carpenter (3) 5-7
Derek Johnson (3) & Robert Nixon (5)  lost to Roger Carpenter (3) & Dave Parsons (4) 6-7
Eric Nixon (2) beat Nigel Martin (4) 7-4
Ian Hunter (3) beat Brian Johnson (1) 7-6
Eric Nixon (2) & Robert Nixon (5)  lost to Brian Johnson (1) & Dave Parsons (4) 5-7
Derek Johnson (3) beat Roger Carpenter (3) 7-4
Ian Hunter (3) lost to Nigel Martin (4) 7-4
Derek Johnson (3) & Ian Hunter (3)  beat Roger Carpenter (3) & Nigel Martin (4) 7-2
Eric Nixon (2) lost to Brian Johnson (1) 4-7
Robert Nixon (5) lost to Dave Parsons (4) 6-7
Ian Hunter (3) & Robert Nixon (5)  lost to Nigel Martin (4) & Dave Parsons (4) 4-7
Eric Nixon (2) lost to Roger Carpenter (3) 5-7
Derek Johnson (3) lost to Brian Johnson (1) 6-7
Eric Nixon (2) & Derek Johnson (3)  lost to Brian Johnson (1) & Roger Carpenter (3) 4-6
Ian Hunter (3) beat Dave Parsons (4) 7-4
Robert Nixon (5) beat Nigel Martin (4) 6-4

Eric's handicap rises to 3.

Club GC Singles Championship

Derek Johnson beat David Kaye 7-6 7-4

Friday 8th August

Club AC Doubles Championship

David Millener & Hedley Parker beat Derek Johnson & Brian Prickett 26-20

Thursday 7th August

Club GC League

Ian Hunter beat Jacquie Errington 7-6, 7-5

Jacquie's handicap rises to 6.

Club AC Singles Championship

David Millener beat Megs Rogers 26-6

Wednesday 6th August

CN AC Singles Championship

Process 2nd Round - Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 26-23
Draw 3rd Round - Derek Johnson beat Phil Errington 26-12

Friday 1st August

                          CN AC Singles Champion

Phil Errington beat Colin Green (26-24)

Thursday 31st July

CN AC Doubles Championship

Phil Errington & Derek Johnson beat Eugene Brady & Mike Akester (Middlesbrough) 26-16

CN AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Peter McDermott (Middlesbrough) 26-8
Derek Johnson beat Nigel Roberts (Middlesbrough) 26-14


Wednesday 30th July

Club GC Singles Championship

Ian Hunter beat Jacquie Errington 7-5, 7-5

Club AC "Anstey" Advanced League

Phil Errington beat David Millener 26-9

Belsay Castle League

Brian Prickett beat Geoff Clemence 18-13

Monday 28th July

CN GC Singles Championship

Derek Johnson beat Andrew Carpenter (Durham) 10-7, 8-10, 10-9


 Sunday 27th July

Club GC Singles Championship

Liz Parker beat Derek Johnson 7-6, 7-6

Robert Nixon beat Jean Thompson 7-5 7-1

Club GC Doubles Championship

Robert Nixon & Jean Thompson beat 

Derek Johnson & 

Liz Parker 7-5, 7-6

CN GC Singles Championship

Derek Old (Tyneside) beat Derek Johnson 8-10, 10-6, 10-3

Saturday 26th July

Secretary's Shield

Last year in this competition Belsay found themselves 3-0 up at lunch against Ashby but lost 4-3. This year they were 3-0 down at lunch against St. Albans; could they turn the tables? Er.. no. Although we managed to halve the afternoon's singles the morning session saw St. Albans through comfortable 5-2 winners:

Phil Errington (1) & David Millenet (7) lost to Terry Mahoney (1) & Chris Frost (5) 5-26
Derek Johnson (12) lost to  Thomas Cullis (10) 8-26
Eric Nixon (11) lost to Heather Bennett (10) 18-21
Phil Errington (1)  lost to Terry Mahoney (1)  4-26
David Millenet (7) beat Chris Frost (5) 24-23
Eric Nixon (11) lost to Thomas Cullis (10) 9-26
Derek Johnson (12) beat Heather Bennett (10) 23-21


Monday 21st July

Club Monthly AC Tournament

"Red" Block Winners - David Millener & Eric Nixon

"Blue" Block Winners - Geoff Clemence & Brian Prickett

Sunday 20th July

Club GC Singles Championship

Ian Hunter beat Chris Wood 7-4, 7-3

 Wednesday 16th July

Club AC "Anstey" Advanced League

David Millener beat Eric Nixon  26-23

Monday 14th July

CN AC Singles Championship

David Millener beat Alison Heywood-Hill (Tyneside) 26-12


Sunday 13th July

CN AC League

     After yesterday's lovely weather, the overnight downpours left the courts with standing water (although the bottom corner was, strangely, not the worst area).  It was decided therefore to decamp to Albert Park in Middlesbrough to fulfill the fixture, and so we made the trek to Teesside.  But our journey was not in vain as we came away with a 3-1 victory in our first CN AC League match of the season.

David Millener (7) & Derek Johnson (12) beat Eugene Brady (9) & John Fitzpatrick (16) 26-10

                           Eric Nixon (11) beat Nigel Roberts (10) 26-22

                      Derek Johnson (12) beat John Fitzpatrick (16) 26-19

David Millener (7) & Eric Nixon (11) lost to Eugene Brady (9) & Nigel Roberts (10) 15-26

Saturday 12th July

Club One Ball Tournament

     It wasn't St. Crispin's Day but somehow "We few, we happy few,we band of brothers" sprang to mind as the six entrants for the rearranged One Ball Tournament took to the field of combat.

     The tournament was rained off from its original date because of flooding and this day was chosen some weeks ago and has been in the calendar since.  Unfortunately, circumstances conspired to prevent 10 of the original 14 entrants from being available for various reasons.  David Millener, Jean Thompson and Brenda and Derek Johnson were joined however by two late volunteers in Marian Falcus and David Knowles.

     The two experienced AC players gave a quick explanation of roquets, croquet shots and strategy before playing a demonstration game with "expert" commentary and then set up croquet shots for the others as they arose.

     David Millener overcame the bisques he conceded to everyone else to win all five of his matches and become the Club's second ever One Ball Champion.  Marain Falcus was runner-up with three wins, on a tie-breaking head-to-head win, from Derek Johnson.


Friday 11th July

CN AC Singles Championship

Eric Nixon beat John Fitzpatrick (Middlesbrough) 26-10  

Sunday 6th July

Club GC Doubles Championship

Ian Hunter & Chris Wood beat Hedley Parker & David Kaye 7-2 7-6

 Monday 30th June

Club AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Robert Nixon 26-19 

Club GC Singles Championship

Tony Turner beat Phil Errington 7-3, 7-4 

Sunday 29th June

Club AC Singles Championship

Charles Topaz beat Derek Johnson 21-17 

Friday 27th June

Club AC Singles Championship

Eric Nixon beat David Millener 26-21

Thursday 26th June

Club GC League Division 2

Jean Thompson beat Brenda Johnson 7-4 7-6. 

CN GC Singles Championship

Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough) beat Eric Nixon 8-10 10-8 10-7.

 Wednesday 25th June

CN GC Singles Championship

Derek Old (Tyneside) beat Robert Nixon 10-8 10-5.

Colin McDonald (Tyneside) beat Hedley Parker 10-2 10-8.

 Monday 23rd June

The Tyneside Quaich

     After last year's series of postponements that led to the event not being held, Belsay finally got to host the Quaich event, AC Advanced Alternate Shot Doubles with Bisques, and wrested the trophy from Tyneside's grasp.

     In the morning, Phil Errington & Derek Johnson came from behind to pip Roger Staples & Tom Banfield (Middlesbrough) 24-23 with the last shot of the match whilst David Millener & Eric Nixon saw off Derek & Sheila Watts (Tyneside).

     In the afternoon, Phil & Derek made surprisingly quick work of beating the other Tyneside pairing of Jacob Carr & Peter Wallace and David & Eric completed the clean sweep by beating Middlesbrough's Charles Waterfield & Nigel Roberts.

 The victorious Belsay team finally brought to their knees - but only for the camera!

David Appleton of Tyneside prepares to present the trophy he was instrumental in initiating along with Bruce Rannie. 

Saturday 21st June

                      CN Inter Club GC Tournament                        (Minimum Handicap 20)

     Belsay relinquished their hold on the Alice Fleck Trophy after three years (although the competition wasn't actually held two years ago to be fair) when Edinburgh emerged triumphant (overstepping the bounds of good manners by winning as guests) to carry Alice, well her trophy anyway, back over the border like latter day Reivers. Suggestions that it should be treated like The Ashes and kept in England in perpetuity fell on deaf ears.  

     Belsay (Derek Johnson,David Millener, Robert Nixon and Julie Millener) were the day's early leaders but were overhauled by Edinburgh when the Scots triumphed in both games against us.  We slipped to third when Tyneside hit a purple patch winning their last four games to score more points than they had managed in their previous eight!

                    The Teams  

Phil Errington, as Tournament Referee,  Time Keeper and Whistleblower, presents Edinburgh's captain, Alan Hawke, with the trophy.

Friday 20th June

CN GC Singles Championship

Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough) beat Hedley Parker 10-5 10-4  

Wednesday 18th June

CN Advanced AC Singles Championship

Peter McDermott (Middlesbrough) beat David Millener 26-18 

Club GC Singles Championship

Robert Nixon beat Eric Nixon 7-4 7-3

CN GC Singles Championship

Derek Johnson beat Carol Brady (Auckland) 10-4 10-8

Eugene Brady (Auckland) beat Phil Errington 10-9 5-10 10-6

Stranger in the Camp

We entertained Richard Way from the Bear of Rodborough club in Gloucestershire today on his way "darn sarf" from a holiday in Scotland.  Whenever he hears the word Belsay in future he'll conjure up a gloriously sunny bucolic vista with surprisingly fast lawns (and without a dark satanic mill in sight).  David Millener partnered Richard against Phil Errington and Derek Johnson, who arrived hotfoot from their matches in Auckland, in a game of Advanced AC that didn't quite match the weather in terms of quality.  David and Richard were leading by seven hoops when we had to call it a day before retiring to The Highlander with Jacquie and Julie for a convivial meal and drink.

Monday 16th June

Club AC Monthly Singles Tournament

Phil Errington came out on top with 4 wins with David Millener and Charles Topaz on 3.

Sunday 15th June

                               Murphy Shield

                         Kenilworth beat Belsay 4-3

Belsay also fell at the first hurdle in the other national GC club competition in going down 3-4 (again!) to Kenilworth in a match played at Nottingham.  The match went to the 13th hoop of the 3rd game of the last match to finish when David Turner, having heroically pulled back from 2-5 and 4-6 down, just failed to overcome Kenilworth's top player. Indeed only one match was won in two straight games.  

David Turner (3)&Derek Johnson (3) beat Philip Worth (2)&Nigel Haslam (3) 7-3 2-7 7-5  

Robert Nixon (5) lost to Peter Kristunas (5) 7-5 4-7 3-7

Ian Hunter (3) beat Cliff Daniel (5) 7-3 5-7 7-2

David Turner (3) lost to Philip Worth (2) 7-5  5-7 6-7

Derek Johnson (3) lost to Nigel Haslam (3) 4-7 5-7

Ian Hunter (3) beat Peter Kristunas (5) 3-7 7-5 7-6

Robert Nixon (5) lost to Cliff Daniel (5) 3-7 7-5  7-5 

Saturday 14th June

CN GC Singles Championship

Derek Johnson beat Colin McDonald (Tyneside) 10-4 10-6 

Club GC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Robert Nixon 7-4 7-5

 GC Doubles Championship

Robert Nixon & Jean Thompson beat Trevor Smith & Doris Burwood 7-5 7-4

Friday 13th June

                         CN AC Singles Championship

David Millener beat Roger Staples (Middlesbrough) 26-24 

                  CN Advanced AC Singles Championship

Dennis Scarr (Middlesbrough) beat David Millener 26-11

Roger Staples  (Middlesbrough) beat Phil Errington 26-14

Thursday 12th June

                         Club GSingles Championship

Jean Thompson beat Doris Burwood 5-7 7-4 7-2 

 Wednesday 11th June

                         CN AC Singles Championship

David Millener beat Eric Nixon 26-4

Monday 9th June

                         GC Ricochet Championship

Nine members contested the Club's second annual GC Ricochet Championship and once again title holder Phil Errington triumphed with another 100% record despite giving four more bisques to everyone than he did last year!  David Millener was the runner-up with seven wins from eight matches and Robert Nixon pipped Derek Johnson for third on the tie breaker after each finished with five wins.  

Sunday 8th June

                         Club GC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Jacquie Errington 6-7 7-6 7-6 

After that extremely close fought match, in the Club Afternoon Phil teamed up with Brenda Johnson and Jacquie with Derek Johnson.  The latter pairing won 7-6 6-7 7-6, so Phil and Jacquie visited the 13th hoop on six consecutive occasions!

Saturday 7th June

                         GC Doubles Championship

Derek Johnson & Liz Parker beat Hedley Parker & David Kaye 7-5 7-4

                        CN AC Doubles Championship

Phil Errington & Derek Johnson beat Nigel Roberts & John Parks (Middlesbrough) 26-24

Friday 6th June

                         CN GC Singles Championship

Alison Haywood-Hill (Tyneside) beat Ian Hunter 10-9 5-10 10-9

                           AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon 26-21

Thursday 5th June

                         Club GC Singles Championship

Hedley Parker beat David Kaye 7-3 7-3

                         Tyneside Midweek Handicap

Derek Johnson was the club's sole entrant at the annual Tyneside handicap tournament, the lowest representation for some years, but needn't have bothered as he suffered a catastrophic seven defeats in his seven matches thanks to his near complete inability to run a hoop from even the shortest of distances.  A conservative estimate of at least 30 "blobs" where the ball finished in the jaws from close range plus several entirely runnable hoops from slightly further away.  His handicap therefore rises to 12 (going on 14!).

Roger Staples retained the title he won last year pipping his Middlesbrough clubmate Nigel Roberts on hoops scored after both finished with six wins from seven matches (Roger beating Nigel in the last round of matches to draw level and win on the tie break).

 Tuesday 3rd June

                         GC League - Division 2

Edith Vest beat Jean Thompson 7-5 7-6

Sunday 1st June

                               East Pennine League

                         Belsay beat Middlesbrough 5-2

The first league match of the season, of any kind, for Belsay saw them come back from  2-1 down at lunch to claim all four of the afternoon singles against a strong Middlesbrough side.  Bizarrely the only game to go to the three hour time limit was between the top two players!

Phil Errington (1.5) & David Turner (7) lost to Charles Waterfield (1)& Peter McDermott (3) 10-26  

                        David Millener (7) beat John Fitzpatrick (16) 26-17

                      Derek Johnson (11) lost to Roger Staples (3.5) 12-26

                       Phil Errington (1.5) beat Charles Waterfield (1) 26-14 T

                         David Turner (7) beat Peter McDermott (3) 26-6

                        David Millener (7) beat Roger Staples (3.5) 26-19

                      Derek Johnson (11) beat John Fitzpatrick (16) 26-20

                             GC Doubles Championship

Ian Hunter & Chris Wood beat Barbara McIntosh & Julie Millener 7-6 7-3

Saturday 31st May

                    National Inter Club GC Competition

                         Bowdon  beat Belsay 4-3

Belsay's foray into the higher echelons of club Golf Croquet ended at the first hurdle in a narrow defeat at the hands of Bowdon from Cheshire.

          Phil Errington (0) & Eric Nixon (2) beat Alan Mayne (1) & Ken Cooper (1) 7-3 7-2

                      Phil Errington  (0) lost to Alan Mayne (1) 6-7 6-7

                                Eric Nixon (2) lost to Ken Cooper (1) 6-7 6-7

                             David Turner (3) beat Frank Moir (2) 7-6 7-5

                            Derek Johnson (3) beat Graham Good (5) 7-5 5-7 7-5

                            Derek Johnson (3) lost to Frank Moir (2) 7-4 5-7  3-7

                              David Turner (3) lost to Graham Good (5) 7-4  6-7 2-7

Friday 30th May

                         AC Singles Championship

David Millener beat Robert Nixon 26-14  

                          CN AC Doubles Championship

Peter McDermott&Andrew Killick (Middlesbro') beat Phil Errington&Derek Johnson 26-17

                          CN AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat John Fitzpatrick (Middlesbrough) 26-20

Derek Johnson beat Eugene Brady (Middlesbrough) 26-21


Thursday 29th May

                           GC Singles Championship

Ian Hunter beat Brenda Johnson 7-6 7-3

David Kaye beat Barbara McIntosh 7-2 5-7 7-5

Wednesday 28th May

                           AC Doubles Championship

Eric Nixon & Roberet Nixon beat David Millener & Hedley Parker 26-9  

Sunday 25th May

                          GC Singles Championship

Derek Johnson beat Christine Wood 7-3 5-7 7-3 

                                 GC Ladder

Derek Johnson beat Christine Wood 10-4

Derek Johnson beat Brenda Johnson 10-4

Saturday 24th May

                          GC Doubles Championship

Derek Johnson & Liz Parker beat Barbara McIntosh & Julie Millener 3-7 7-5 7-5 

Robert Nixon & Jean Thompson beat Eric Nixon & Tony Turner 2-7 7-6 7-1

Friday 23rd May

                          GC Singles Championship

Eric Nixon beat Megs Rogers 7-5 7-6

Phil Errington beat Megs Rogers 7-5 7-4

                         GC Doubles Championship

Trevor Smith & Doris Burwood beat Jacquie Errington & Brenda Johnson 6-7 7-6 7-5


Wednesday 21st May

               CN Advanced AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough) 26-10

Saturday 17th May

                          AC Singles Championship

Phil Errington beat Megs Rogers 26-15

                                                                                     GC Singles Championship

Derek Johnson beat Brenda Johnson 7-4 7-4

Thursday 15th May

                         GC Singles Championship

Tony Turner beat Barbara McIntosh 7-1 7-5 

Sunday 11th May

                          GC Doubles Championship

Eric Nixon & Tony Turner beat Jacquie Errington & Brenda Johnson  7-3 7-5

Saturday 10th May

                          Friendly versus Tynemouth

Because of the condition of the lawn this match has been switched to Tynemouth's new venue at Backworth.  Lawn 2, at least, might well be available on Monday now.

Friday 9th May

                             GC Singles Championship

Liz Parker beat Jean Thompson  7-5 7-1

Jacquie Errington beat Doris Burwood 7-0 6-7 7-4

Jacquie Errington beat Liz Parker 7-5 7-5

Thursday 8th May

                             GC Singles Championship

Tony Turner beat Hedley Parker  4-7 7-2 7-5 

Thursday 7th May

                             Club One Ball Tournament

The One Ball Tournament on Saturday has been postponed because of the recent heavy rain and the forecast further rain on Friday and Saturday.

Monday 5th May

                             Charity Fun Day

More than 20 members participated in the Club's annual charity day (we just need a good cause to whom to send the proceeds now. If anyone has a suggestion, preferably with a connection to a Club member please let a Committee member know).

Eric Nixon again deftly managed the day's varied events of AC, GC, GC Ricochet, One Ball and Gokay which resulted in Robert Nixon pipping Ian Hunter for the prize of the day's most successful participant thanks to some sterling work by Edith Vest in the final match.

Saturday 26th April

                  Middlesbrough AC "B Level" Tournament

Phil Errington won the B Level Tournament (handicaps within prescribed limits) held at Middlesbrough.  Phil won all three of his group matches to finish top and then met the winner of the other group, Dennis Scarr also unbeaten, in the final where triumphed again, 26-8.


Block A

            Dennis Scarr beat Andrew Killick 26/7

            Peter McDermott beat Charles Waterfield 17/15 T

             Dennis Scarr beat Charles Waterfield 26/19

             Peter McDermott beat Andrew Killick 26/9

             Dennis Scarr beat Peter McDermott 26/19

              Charles Waterfield beat Andrew Killick 26/22

Block B

              Derek Watts beat Mark Fitzsimmons 26/7

              Phil Errington beat Andrew Webb 26/10

              Derek Watts beat Andrew Webb 26/10

              Phil Errington beat Mark Fitzsimmons 26/22

              Phil Errington beat Derek Watts 26/1

              Andrew Webb beat Mark Fitzsimmons 26/6


               Phil Errington beat Dennis Scarr 26/8

               Peter McDermott beat Derek Watts 23/6 T

               Charles Waterfield beat Andrew Webb 26/6

               Andrew Killick beat Mark Fitzsimmons 26/5

Thursday 24th April 

Preparations for the new season well under way as the new settings for the courts are marked out;

 Friday 18th April

Geoff Clemence

It is unlikely that members will see Geoff Clemence on the lawns this year.  Geoff had a nasty accident with a loft ladder resulting in  two broken shoulders and two chipped vertebrae.  A card has been sent on behalf of the Club wishing him a speedy recovery.

Club Competitions

The draws have been made for the various club competitions and are available on the website.

  Saturday 12th April

Middlesbrough One Ball Tournament

Two club members entered this year's Middlesbrough One Ball, which has become the Croquet North season opener over the past few years with anticipated weather:

Report by Charles Waterfield

 This year’s event, our seventh such, had four lawns available for the first time, so we had sixteen competitors (welcoming one from Hamptworth and another from Huddersfield). The tournament was once again a heat in the national charity one-ball. The lawns were playing well, albeit a bit on the slow side. Conditions could best be described as ‘bracing’, so it was just as well that the one-ball format kept everyone on the move!

 Handicaps ranged from 0.5 to 20 (NB a third of the bisque difference was used). Round‑robin draws were used and eight rounds easily completed. Final positions were computed (on the comparative scoring basis, where each player’s overall performance is compared with every other player).

 Andrew was the clear winner (on 7/8) and equally definite was second‑placed Colin Green (6/8); other positions required computation, giving the table below:


1    Andrew Killick (M'bro)

2    Colin Green (Tyneside)

3    Eugene Brady (Auckland)

4=  Derek Johnson (Belsay)

4=  Phil Errington (Belsay)

4=  Vic Stilwell (Hamptworth)

7=  Nigel Roberts (M'bro)

7=  Arthur Ogden (M'bro)

9      Charles Waterfield (M'bro)

10    Walter Sanders (M'bro)

11    Derek Old (Tyneside)

12    Mike Akester (M'bro)

13    Hilary Grant (M'bro)

14    Derek Watts (Tyneside)

15    Malcolm Daines (Huddersfield)

16    Alison Heywood-Hill (Tyneside)



 The blue leitmotif is in honour of the Prostate Charity, beneficiaries of the charity event.