Belsay Hall Croquet Club


Wednesday 16th October                            Club Presentation Meal

The Club Presentation Meal was held at Ponteland Golf Club on 16th October.  Following  a splendid three course meal long standing club member Charles Topaz expressed thanks to retiring Chairman Phil Errington and his wife Jacquie for their marvellous contribution to the club over the last ten years.  Phil was presented with a painting by Jack Shotton showing croquet at Bamburgh with the castle as the imposing backdrop and Jacquie with a floral gift.  Club Chairman Eric Nixon summarised the season's events before awarding the trophies as follows:

Association Croquet:  Singles Winner and Club Champion: David Millener

                                    Doubles   Winners: Phil Errington & Robert Nixon

                                    Advanced League Winner: Phil Errington

                                    Belsay Hall League Winner: David Millener

                                    Belsay Castle League Winner: Robert Nixon

                                    Monthly Tournament Winners: Senior Block Phil Errington

                                                                                       Junior Block Liz Nisbet

Golf Croquet:              Singles Winner and Club Champion: Phil Errington

                                    Doubles   Winners: Phil Errington & Liz Parker

                                    League Division 1 Winner: Ian Hunter

                                    League Division 2 Winner: Robert Nixon

                                    Ladder Winner: Robert Nixon

                                    Ricochet Winner: Phil Errington

One Ball:                    Winner: Liz Parker

Sunday 13th October

GC League (Division 1) - Derek Johnson beat Megs Rogers 7-6, 4-7, 7-1.

My thanks to Megs for making the effort to finish her and my league fixtures.  Neither of us could win the league but playing this match ensured the integrity of the competition; our records would have been expunged otherwise.

As of now there are three possible outcomes for the winner of the league.  If David Turner and Eric Nixon fail to play their match before Wednesday then Ian Hunter wins the league.  If they do play, whichever one wins will be GC league champion.

 Wednesday 9th October

AC Singles KO Final - David Millener beat Eric Nixon 26-13 to become the 2013 singles Champion. (Played at Exhibition Park)

Tuesday 1st October                       

Another "roaming in the gloaming" courtesy of Tyneside CC at Exhibition Park with Eric Nixon "by my side" rather than a lassie as we completed the Draw part of the AC Singles KO and our GC League match:

AC Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat Derek Johnson 24-23T, on the "Golden Hoop".

 GC League Division 1 - Derek Johnson beat Eric Nixon  7-4, 7-3

Tuesday 24th September                       

Belsay Hall AC league  - Derek Johnson beat Dave Turner 26-18.

                                        Derek's handicap drops to 11.

GC League Division 1 - Dave Turner beat Derek Johnson  7-2, 2-7, 7-4.

Saturday 21st September                       

CN Handicap Singles KO 'final' - Nigel Roberts (M'Boro) beat Phil Errington +25 to win the PROCESS half of                                                           the competition. Nigel had already won the DRAW half by beating Eugene                                                                 Brady.

 Croquet North Golf League Match Division 2

     Tyneside kindly hosted the club's last league match of the season which was won by 10.5 points to 7.5 and included a number of matches that went to time.

Ian Hunter (3) & Brenda Johnson (10) beat  May Hall (6) & Joan Miller (8) 6-4

Tony Turner (11) lost to Peter Miller (7) 3-7

Robert Nixon (6) beat  Phyllis Appleby (9) 7-5

Robert Nixon & Tony Turner beat Peter Miller & Phyllis Appleby 5-4

Brenda Johnson lost to May Hall 3-6

Ian Hunter beat Joan Miller  7-2

Ian Hunter & Tony Turner beat  May Hall & Phyllis Appleby 7-2

Robert Nixon beat  Peter Miller 6-4

Brenda Johnson lost to Joan Miller 3-7

       Half time score: Belsay "B" 6  ~  Tyneside "B" 3

                                    Robert Nixon & Brenda Johnson lost to Peter & Joan Miller 6-7

Ian Hunter beat May Hall 7-5

Tony Turner beat  Phyllis Appleby 7-6

Brenda Johnson & Tony Turner lost to Joan Miller & Phyllis Appleby 3-5

Robert Nixon drew with May Hall 3-3

Ian Hunter beat Peter Miller 7-3

Ian Hunter & Robert Nixon lost to May Hall & Peter Miller 5-7

Tony Turner lost to Joan Miller 3-7

Brenda Johnson beat Phyllis Appleby 7-4

    Final score: Belsay "B" 10.5  ~  Tyneside "B" 7.7

Friday 20th September                       

CN Championship Doubles KO final - Derek Johnson & Phil Errington beat Peter McDermott & Andrew Killick                                                                 (Middlesbrough CC) 26-23.     Played on neutral turf at Tyneside CC.

Monday 16th September                       

CN Advanced Assoc. Singles KO final - Phil Errington beat Derek Watts (Tyneside) 26-15 at Tyneside 

Saturday 14th September                       

Golf Singles KO Final - Phil Errington beat Ian Hunter 7-3, 7-3

Golf Ladder - Robert Nixon beat Liz Nisbet 10 - 5 

 Thursday 12th September                       

Golf League (Div 1) - Eric Nixon beat Jack Shotton 7-5, 7-3

            CN A/C Progressive Doubles (Alternate Stroke) Tournament at Middlesbrough:

David Millener won the 'Seniors' block with David Turner 8 points behind in 2nd place.

Nigel Roberts (M'Boro) won the 'Junior' block with Barbara McDermott (M'Boro) a close 2nd.

Wednesday 11th September                       

Belsay Castle League - Robert Nixon beat Charles Topaz 12-11t

Monday 9th September                       

Monthly Tournament Finals : - Phil Errington won the 'Senior' section and Liz Nisbet the 'Junior' section.

David Millener and Geoff Clemence were the runners-up.

Sunday 8th September                          Croquet North Association League Match 

 Belsay were unable to get the one point they needed to clinch the league title as they lost 1-3 at Middlesbrough against Resolution.  This meant that Belsay and Middlesbrough Resolution have tied for the league title.

                    Eric Nixon (11) & Jack Shotton  (14) lost to Dennis Scarr (4.5) & Walter Sanders (16) 22-26

                                              Derek Johnson (12) lost to Mike Akester (11) 8-26

                   Eric Nixon (11) & Derek Johnson (12) beat  Dennis Scarr (4.5) & Mike Akester (11) 26-16                                                                  Jack Shotton (14)  lost to  Walter Sanders (16) 16-26

Derek was playing at Albert Park for the third consecutive day and hopes to be invited to the Middlesbrough Christmas party!   

Whilst, at Belsay the courts were very playable after Friday's rain albeit with faded white lines.

Assoc. Advanced League - Phil Errington beat David Turner 26-0  and so wins the 2013 League.             

Saturday 7th September                 CN GC HANDICAP DOUBLES                 

Three pairings from Belsay entered this year's event, Phil and Derek J, Eric & Barbara and the Davids Turner and Millener.

The title went down to the 13th hoop of the last match with Roger Carpenter & John Paul Moberly triumphing over the two Davids to win the title and take the Taylor Plates back to Durham again.  David and David pipped Phil and Derek for second place by one net hoop.

The winning pair holding the Taylor Plates: -

Friday 6th September                       

Belsay courts unplayable after this morning's rain - hopefully OK for tomorrow. - They were!

CN Assoc Doubles KO  -  Derek Johnson & Phil Errington beat Eugene Brady & Mike Akester (M'Boro) 26-23 in appalling conditions at Albert Park, Middlesbrough in the PROCESS semi-final. They now meet Peter McDermott & Andrew Killick (again) in the final of this competition.

Thursday 5th September                      

Message received to say Janet Price had died earlier this week. She had been staying in a nursing home since her husband David passed away in November 2011.

Golf League (Div 1) - David Turner beat Ian Hunter 5-7, 7-5, 7-5

CN AC Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Alison Heywood-Hill 26-20 in a quarter final played at Exhibition Park.

English Heritage Trophy annual match - Brodsworth beat Belsay by 10.5 to 9.5 (Held at Brodsworth this year). 

Wednesday 4th September                     

CN AC Doubles - Andrew Killick & Peter McDermott (Middlesbrough) beat Phil Errington & Derek Johnson 26-19 in the DRAW semi-final.

CN AC Advanced Singles - Phil Errington beat Andrew Killick 26-5

Golf Singles KO - Ian Hunter beat Robert Nixon 7-5, 7-5 and now meets Phil Errington in the final.

Belsay Hall League - Derek Johnson beat Jack Shotton 26-14

Golf League (Div 1) - Derek Johnson beat Jack Shotton  7-5,  7-4 

Tuesday 3rd September                       

Belsay Castle League - Robert Nixon beat Megs Rogers 13-10t

Monday 2nd September                     

Golf League (Div 1) - Ian Hunter beat Jack Shotton 6-7, 7-5,  7-4

                                   Eric Nixon beat Ian Hunter 7-4, 7-4

Sunday 1st September                     ONE BALL TOURNAMENT

The inaugural Club One Ball Tournament took place today with a clean sweep for the Parkers with Hedley finishing 2nd and Liz winning.  Details on the Club Competitions page.  

Saturday 31st August                       

Golf Doubles KO 'DRAW' Semi Final - Liz Parker & Phil Errington beat Barbara McIntosh & Ian Hunter 

                                                               7-3, 5-7, 7-2

Golf Doubles KO 'PROCESS' Semi Final - Liz Parker & Phil Errington beat Barbara McIntosh & Ian Hunter 

                                                                     7-6, 7-4  

Having won both the DRAW & PROCESS legs of the competition Liz & Phil are the 2013 GC Doubles KO winners.

Golf Ladder - Jacquie Errington beat Hedley Parker 10-8

CN Assoc. Singles KO - Eugene Brady (Auckland) beat Eric Nixon 26-23

Friday 30th August                       

Assoc Doubles KO - Phil Errington & Robert Nixon beat Eric Nixon & Brian Prickett 26-15 in the PROCESS semi-final and having won the DRAW semi-final (on 21st August) are the 2013 winners of this doubles competition.

Anstey Advanced Assoc. League - David Millener beat David Turner 26-16

Thursday 29th August                       

Belsay Castle League - Brian Prickett beat Megs Rogers 16-9t

Assoc. Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat David Turner 26-18

CN Assoc. Singles KO - Nigel Roberts (M'Boro) beat David Millener 26-0

Wednesday 28th August                       

Belsay Hall League - Eric Nixon beat David Millener 26-25

                                - David Millener beat Jack Shotton 26-17 

Tuesday 27th August                       

Belsay Castle League - Robert Nixon beat Geoff Clemence 18- 11

                                    - Geoff Clemence beat Brian Prickett 18-9  

Monday 26th August                       

Golf League (Div 1) - David Turner beat Hedley Parker 7-5, 4-7, 7-2

                                - David Turner beat Megs Rogers 5-7, 7-5, 7-3

Golf League (Div 2) - Tony Turner beat Barbara McIntosh 7-1, 7-6

All matches in the Golf League Division 2 have now been completed and the winner (with 7 wins out of 7) is Robert Nixon - very well done!     Liz Parker comes 2nd (with 6 wins) and Brenda Johnson 3rd (with 5 wins).

Belsay Castle League - Geoff Clemence beat Megs Rogers 18-10

                                    - Megs Rogers beat Charles Topaz 12-10t

Sunday 25th August                       

Golf League (Div 1) - Liz Nisbet beat David Turner 7-5, 7-5

Saturday 24th August                       

Golf League (Div 1) - Robert Nixon beat Julie Millener 7-6, 7-2

                                   Robert Nixon beat Barbara McIntosh 7-0, 7-6 

Golf Ladder - Liz Nisbet beat Barbara McIntosh 10-8

                        Liz Nisbet beat Robert Nixon 10-3

Saturday 24th August                       Croquet North Golf League Match Division 1

On a day which threatened continuous rain Belsay travelled to Durham to play the last Division 1 match of the season. Fortunately the weather wasn't to inclement but unfortunately Belsay lost 8-10 and finish second in the league with Auckland the 2013 winners.

                    Phil Errington (0) & David Millener (4) lost to John Paul Mobberley (3) & Susan Martin (8) 4-5

                                                     Jack Shotton (4) beat Dave Parsons (6) 7-6

                                                     Eric Nixon (2) lost to Malcolm Hobbs (8) 5-7

                                    Eric Nixon & Jack Shotton beat Dave Parsons & Malcolm Hobbs 7-4

                                                     David Millener beat John-Paul Mobberly 7-6

                                                     Phil Errington beat Susan Martin  7-0

                                    Phil Errington & Jack Shotton lost to John- Paul Mobberley & Malcolm Hobbs 4-6

                                                     Eric Nixon lost to Dave Parsons 4-7

                                                     David Millener lost to Susan Martin 4-6

       Half time score: Belsay 4  ~  Durham 5

                                    Eric Nixon & David Millener beat Dave Parsons & Susan Martin 7-4

                                                     Phil Errington lost to John-Paul Mobberley 5-7

                                                     Jack Shotton lost to Malcolm Hobbs 5-7

                                    David Millener & Jack Shotton lost to Susan Martin & Malcolm Hobbs 3-7

                                                     Eric Nixon lost to John-Paul Mobberley 1-7

                                                     Phil Errington beat Dave Parsons 7-1

                                    Phil Errington & Eric Nixon beat John-Paul Mobberley & Dave Parsons 7-3

                                                     Jack Shotton beat Susan Martin 7-4

                                                     David Millener lost to Malcolm Hobbs 3-5

    Final score: Belsay 8  ~  Durham 10

Friday 23rd August                       

Assoc. Singles KO - David Millener beat Phil Errington in the PROCESS half semi-final 26-7

Golf League (Div 1) - Eric Nixon beat Megs Rogers 7-2, 7-6

Thursday 22nd August                       

Golf League (Div 1) - Jack Shotton beat Liz Nisbet 7-6, 7-6

Golf Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Ian Hunter 7-3, 7-4

CN Assoc Singles KO - David Millener beat Peter Wallace 26-14 

 Wednesday 21th August                       

Assoc. Doubles KO - Robert Nixon & Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon & Brian Prickett 24-19t

Assoc. Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat Robert Nixon 26-20

Golf League Div 2 - Julie Millener beat Edith Vest 7-1, 5-7, 7-4

                              - Julie Millener beat Jean Thompson 7-6, 7-4

CN Assoc Doubles KO - Derek Johnson & Phil Errington beat Eugene Brady & Mike Akester 26-18

 Tuesday 20th August                       

On a busy day for Club competition matches there are four results to record: -

Golf League (Div 1) - Jack Shotton beat Jacquie Errington 7-4, 5-7, 7-5

                                - Megs Rogers beat Jack Shotton 6-7, 7-4, 7-5

Golf League (Div 2) - Tony Turner beat Jean Thompson 5-7, 7-4, 7-1

Golf Doubles KO     -  Liz Parker & Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon & Hedley Parker 5-7, 7-6, 7-4

CN Golf Singles KO - Eugene Braduy beat Phil Errington 10-9, 1-10, 10-7 (Played at Henknowle)

 Monday 19th August                       

In the second Monthly Tournament (Singles) Geoff Clemence won all three of his matches in the 'Blue Block'

In the 'Red Block'  there were only 3 players available and they decided to use the day to complete their Anstey Advanced Club League matches: -

                                     David Millener beat Derek Johnson 26-8

                                     Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 26-1

 Sunday 18th August                       

AC Singles KO  - Derek Johnson beat Charles Topaz 26-11

Saturday 17th August                       

CN AC Doubles KO  - Phil Errington & Derek Johnson beat Eric Nixon & Geoff Clemence 26-25

Belsay Hall League  - David Millener beat Derek Johnson 26-9

Golf League (Div 2) Brenda Johnson beat Julie Millener 7-6, 7-6

                                 - Tony Turner beat Julie Millener 7-4, 5-7, 7-5

Friday 16th August                       

Golf League (Div 2) - Barbara McIntosh beat Edith Vest 7-4, 7-4

                                 - Barbara McIntosh beat Jean Thompson 7-2, 7-2

                                 - Brenda Johnson beat Edith Vest 7-1, 7-6

 Thursday 15th August                       

Golf League (Div 2) - Liz Parker beat Barbara McIntosh 6-7, 7-2, 7-5

                                 - Tony Turner beat Edith Vest 7-4, 7-1

Golf League (Div 1) - Eric Nixon beat Hedley Parker 7-5, 7-5

 Wednesday 14th August                       

Assoc. Singles KO - David Millener beat Eric Nixon 26-13 

 Tuesday 13th August                       

CN GC Singles - In a marathon quarter final at Durham CC which took just over 4 hours to complete John-Paul Moberley beat Phil Errington 10-6, 6-10, 10-9

Golf Doubles KO - Barbara McIntosh & Ian Hunter beat Jack Shotton & Trevor Smith 7-3, 7-3

Golf Singles KO - Ian Hunter beat Hedley Parker 5-7, 7-5, 7-4

 Monday 12th August                       Croquet North Golf Progressive Doubles Tournament

On a largely sunny day with a couple of sharp and heavy showers to keep everyone on their toes Belsay Hall hosted the annual CN Golf Progressive Tournament.

Eric Nixon had prepared the format for 18 competitors to play 'high-low' doubles on four short courts with a singles game double banking on court 4 for each of 8 rounds. For variety of court losers moved one court and winners two courts at the end of each round and played against their previous partner whilst maintaining the 'high-low' partnerships. (Just imagine managing that)!

At the end of the morning's 4 rounds there were 3 'seniors' equal in top spot on 4 wins! 

After 8 rounds the winning 'senior' was Dave Parsons from Durham CC.

The 'junior' winner was Susan Martin also from Durham CC who (in keeping with tradition) takes the Armada Dish Trophy for a year.

Also in tradition all enjoyed scones and cake at the completion of play.

Many thanks to Eric for a very successful event.

The competitors were:

From Auckland CC: - Carol Brady & Jean Hattersley

From Durham CC: - Susan & Nigel Martin, Madeleine, Roger & Andrew Carpenter, Dave Parsons, Brian Johnson & Jean-Paul Moberley.

From Middlesbrough CC: - Hillary Grant & Sylvia McCallum

From Belsay CC: - Barbara McIntosh, Julie Millener, Liz Nizbet, David Kaye, Tony Turner & Jacquie Errington

Below: - 16 of the 18 participants at today's event - yes the sun did shine! 

 (Do you think players should have their names on their backs)?

 Sunday 11th August                       

CN GC Singles - Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 10-6 10-9

GC League (Div 1) - Liz Nisbet beat Derek Johnson 7-6 7-6

                              - Ian Hunter beat Derek Johnson 7-4 7-5

                              - Megs Rogers beat Liz Nisbet 6-7 7-5 7-3

GC Singles KO - Ian Hunter beat Brenda Johnson 7-2 7-5

 Saturday 10th August                       CROQUET NORTH GC LEAGUE (Division 1) 

Auckland came to Belsay for the penultimate Div 1 match of the season for a result which would have meant more by the toss of a coin. The final score after 6 rounds of doubles and singles between exactly matched handicapped players on each team was a 9 all draw!

      Phil Errington (1) & Eric Nixon (2) drew with Eugene Brady (1) & Jane Pringle (2) 6-6

                                      David Turner (2) lost to Carol Brady (4) 6-7

                                      Jack Shotton (4) lost to Freda Vitty (2) 2-7

                     David Turner & Jack Shotton beat Freda Vitty & Carol Brady 7-3

                                      Phil Errington beat Jane Pringle 7-5

                                      Eric Nixon beat Eugene Brady 6-3

                     Phil Errington & Jack Shotton lost to Eugene & Carol Brady 3-7

                                      David Turner lost to Freda Vitty 4-7

                                      Eric Nixon lost to Jane Pringle 6-7

     Half time score: Belsay 3.5    ~  Auckland 5.5

                     David Turner & Eric Nixon beat Freda Vitty & Jane Pringle 7-6

                                      Phil Errington beat Eugene Brady 7-5

                                      Jack Shotton lost to Carol Brady 4-7

                     Eric Nixon & Jack Shotton lost to Jane Pringle & Carol Brady 6-7

                                      Phil Errington  beat Freda Vitty 7-1

                                      David Turner beat Eugene Brady 7-5

                     Phil Errington & David Turner drew with Eugen Brady & Freda Vitty 6-6

                                      Eirc Nixon beat Carol Brady 7-2

                                      Jack Shotton lost to Jane Pringle 2-7

     Full time score: Belsay 9    ~    Auckland 9 

Belsay's final Div 1 CN Golf League match of 2013 is the rescheduled away match against Durham on Saturday 24th August.

Friday 9th August

Golf League (Div 1) - Ian Hunter beat Megs Rogers 7-1 7-2 

                                                      - Megs Rogers beat Hedley Parker 6-7 7-6 7-5

CN A/C Singles KO - Colin Green (Tyneside CC) beat Geoff Clemence 16-13 (at time)                        

 Thursday 8th August

Golf League (Div 1) - Ian Hunter beat Liz Nisbet 7-3 6-7 7-5

                                - Ian Hunter beat Jacquie Errington 7-5 7-4

                                - David Turner beat Jacquie Errington 7-5 4-7 7-5

 Wednesday 7th August

CN A/C Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat David Millener 26-25

Golf Singles KO - Phil Errington beat David Turner 7-2 6-7 7-6

Golf League (Div 2) - Robert Nixon beat Edith Vest 7-2 7-2

                                 - Liz Parker beat Edith Vest 7-1 7-1

                                 - Jean Thompson beat Edith Vest 7-4 7-4

                                 - Robert Nixon beat Jean Thompson 7-1 7-2

Tuesday 6th August

GC Singles KO - David Turner beat  Tony Turner 7-4 7-3

GC League (Div 1) - Hedley Parker beat Liz Nisbet 7-5 7-5

GC League (Div 2) - Robert Nixon beat Tony Turner 5-7 7-3 7-5

                              - Liz Parker beat Jean Thompson 7-4 6-7 7-3

Friday 2nd August

AC Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat Charles Topaz 25-18t 

Thursday 1st August

GC Doubles KO - Ian Hunter & Barbara McIntosh beat Derek Old & David Kaye 4-7 7-5 7-5

GC Singles KO - Ian Hunter beat Joan Helliwell 7-5 7-1

 Saturday 27th July                       EAST PENNINE LEAGUE vs PENDLE & CRAVEN 

                                                                From Our Roving Correspondent

The Belsay team fresh(!) from Ashby CC and an overnight stay in Bradford arrived at Earby in good time to 're-breakfast' at Morgan's Cafe (recommended - 4 bisques) before playing the last EPL match of the season against Pendle & Craven. Belsay won by 4 games to 3  ensuring an unbroken record of wins in the EPL this year.

Advanced AC Games:-

                        Phil Errington (2) & Derek Old (7) beat Robert Essler (1.5) & John Filsak (2.5) 26-13

                                              Phil Errington (just) beat Robert Essler 25-24t after playing 'Golden Hoop'

                                                            Derek Old lost to John Filsak 13-26

Handicap AC Games:-

                                              Derek Johnson (12) beat Robin Delves (9) 26-14

                                              David Millener (7) lost to Paull Dowdall (14) 14-26

                                              Derek Johnson beat Paul Dowdall 26-7

                                              David Millener lost to Robin Delves 16-20t

Phil clinched the match by hitting in from near Corner 3 to Rover in a shot eerily similar to Arthur Rowe's do-or-die effort of the previous day!

 Croquet North Golf League Match Division 2

     Belsay B hosted Bamburgh in a CN GC League Division 2 match that Bamburgh won 11-7

Robert Nixon  (7) & Liz Parker (11) beat  Jamie Edgar (6) & Chris Baldwin (8) 7-4

Hedley Parker (7) beat  Robin Ashwell (7) 6-7

Tony Turner (11)  lost to Keith Whitfield (9) 7-5

Hedley Parker Tony Turner lost to Keith Whitfield &  Robin Ashwell 2-7

Robert Nixon beat Chris Baldwin 7-2

 Liz Parker lost to Jamie Edgar  2-7

Robert Nixon & Tony Turner lost to Jamie Edgar & Robin Ashwell 6-7

Hedley Parker beat  Keith Whitfield 7-5

Liz Parker beat Chris Baldwin 7-4

       Half time score: Belsay "B" 5  ~  Bamburgh 4

Hedley & Liz Parker lost to Keith Whitfield & Chris Baldwin  5-7

Robert Nixon lost to Jamie Edgar  4-7

Tony Turner lost to Robin Ashwell 3-7

Liz Parker & Tony Turner lost to Chris Baldwin & Robin Ashwell 5-7

Robert Nixon beat Keith Whitfield 7-5

Hedley Parker lost to Jamie Edgar 3-7

Robert Nixon & Hedley Parker lost to Jamie Edgar & Keith Whitfield 4-7

Liz Parker lost to Robin Ashwell 6-7

Tony Turner beat Chris Baldwin 7-3

    Final score: Belsay "B" 7  ~  Bamburgh 11

Friday 26th July                       SECRETARY'S SHIELD - QUARTER FINAL 

                                                       From Our Roving Correspondent

The Belsay team travelled to Ashby CC in Moira, Derbyshire to play this quarter final match in glorious (but sweltering) sunshine and lost 4 games to 3 in some close fought games. (All handicap play).

                             Phil Errington (2) & Derek Old (7) beat Arthur Rowe (3) & Tim King (3.5) 26-18

                                             Derek Johnson (12) beat Mick Haytack (4.5) 26-4

                                             David Millener (7) beat Richard Sanville (9) 26-21

                                             Phil Errington lost to Arthur Rowe 24-26

                                             Derek Old lost to Tim King 23-26

                                             David Millener lost to Mick Haytack 10-26

                                             Derek Johnson lost to Richard Sanville 19-26

Ashby won the match when Arthur Rowe hit in from near Corner 2 to just behind Rover after Phil had set himself up for the rush to the peg and now play Nottingham in one of the semi-finals.

The picture below has Tim King missing as he dashed off to direct the weekend 'Musk Cup GC Tournament in Ryde, Isle of Wight before the camera came out!

 Thursday 25th July   

GC League (Div 1) - Jacquie Errington beat Megs Rogers 5-7, 7-1, 7-4

 Wednesday 24th July   

 GC Doubles KO (Process) - Liz Parker & Phil Errington beat Brenda Johnson & David Turner 7-1, 5-7, 7-0

 GC Doubles KO (Draw)  - Liz Parker & Phil Errington beat Brenda Johnson & David Turner 7-1, 7-3

Tuesday 23rd July   

 GC Singles KO - Tony Turner beat Jack Shotton 7-5 7-4

GC League (Div 1) - Hedley Parker beat Jack Shotton 7-6 6-7 7-6

GC League (Div 2) - Liz Parker beat Brenda Johnson 6-7 7-3 7-6

                               Liz Parker beat Tony Turner 7-5 7-6

Liz Parker's handicap drops from 12 to 11.

Hedley Parker's handicap drops from 8 to 7.

 Monday 22nd July   

CN Advanced Singles KO - David Millener lost to Roger Staples (M'Boro) 11-26

                                          - Phil Errington beat Dennis Scarr (M'Boro) 26-21

CN Handicap Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Roger Staples 26-24

Sunday 21st July   

GC League Division 1 - Liz Nisbet beat Eric Nixon 5-7, 7-5, 7-6  

      Liz is now in 2nd position in the league and Eric in 3rd.

Saturday 20th July   

GC Doubles KO - Derek Old & David Kaye beat Derek Johnson & Robert Nixon 7-6 7-6

AC Singles KO - Derek Johnson beat Phil Errington 26-12

AC Doubles KO - Eric Nixon & Brian Prickett beat David Turner & Geoff Clemence 26-19

GC Singles KO - Robert Nixon beat Eric Nixon 7-3 7-5

GC League Division 1 - Hedley Parker beat Jacquie Errington 7-4 7-5

                                     Hedley Parker beat Derek Johnson 2-7 7-6 7-4

GC League Division 2 - Robert Nixon beat Liz Parker 7-6 7-4

                                     Liz Parker beat Julie Millener 7-4 4-7 7-5

                                     Robert Nixon beat Brenda Johnson 7-6 7-5

                                     Barbara McIntosh beat Julie Millener 7-4 7-3

CN Golf Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 5-10, 10-7, 10-9 (the 3rd game was played today)

Hedley Parker's handicap drops from 8 to 7.

 Friday 19th July   

Assoc. Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Jack Shotton 26-7

Thursday 18th July                      GOLF CROQUET INTER-CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 

Belsay fell at the first hurdle in this year's foray into the rarefied air of the Inter-Club Championship against Dulwich played at Nottingham as a neutral "halfway point".

                  Phil Errington (1) & Eric Nixon (2) lost to Pierre Beaudry (0) & Simon Carter (0)  6-7 5-7

                                                 Derek Old (3)  beat Mark Daley (6)  7-0 5-7 7-5                                         

                                         Derek Johnson (3) lost to Ed Dymock (2) 3-7 7-3 5-7

                                           Phil Errington (1)  lost to Pierre Beaudry (0) 1-7 5-7

                                                Eric Nixon (2) lost to Simon Carter (0) 4-7 3-7

                                           Derek Old (3) halved with Ed Dymock (2) 7-4 4-7

                                          Derek Johnson (3) beat Mark Daley (6) 7-6 7-6

So, 4.5 to 2.5 against a team fielding two zero handicappers.  Derek Old and Ed Dymock did not finish their match as the rubber was already dead at that stage.  My only previous exposure to Pierre was a YouTube clip of him playing GC against Reg Bamford at Surbiton; just to show the standard Phil and Eric were up against!

The two teams in the glorious Nottinghamshire sunshine: - 

 The Belsay and Dulwich teams - (left to right, Mark Daley, Eric Nixon, Derek Johnson, Derek Old, Simon Carter,  Phil Errington, Pierre Beaudry and Ed Dymock. 

 Thursday 18th July   

Golf Ladder - Brenda Johnson beat Edith Vest 10-4

GC League (Div 2) - Brenda Johnson beat Barbara McIntosh 4-7 7-2 7-5

Having spent all of nine days as an 11 handicapper, Brenda's handicap drops to 10.

Tuesday 16th July                               

Friendly against Tynemouth CC at Tynemouth

 Monday 15th July                               

Results of Monthly Tournament Alternate Stroke Doubles:- to follow.

Sunday 14th July                                 CROQUET NORTH AC LEAGUE 

Belsay  beat Middlesbrough Endeavour 3-1..

                  David Millener (7) & Derek Old (7) beat Roger Staples (4) & Phil Terry (10)  26-22

                                         Derek Johnson (12) lost to John Fitzpatrick (18) 21-26

                                           David Millener (7) beat Phil Terry (10)  26-11

           Derek Old (7) & Derek Johnson (12)  beat Roger Staples (4) & John Fitzpatrick (18) 26-12

Saturday 13th July 

CN AC Singles KO - Derek Johnson lost to Dennis Scarr (Middlesbrough) 12-26

                              Derek Johnson lost to Nigel Roberts (Middlesbrough) 25-26

Assoc. Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Robert Nixon 26-21

 Friday 12th July 

CN A/C Doubles KO - The match between Phil Errington & Derek Johnson vs Jacob Carr & Peter Wallace which was 'pegged down' on 29th June due to the rain was completed this evening at Exhibition Park with Derek & Phil beating Jacob & Peter 26-13 

 Thursday 11th July 

On a very busy day for competition matches: - 

Golf Doubles KO - Derek Old & David Kaye beat Jack Shotton & Trevor Smith 5-7, 7-5, 7-3.

                            - Ian Hunter & Barbara McIntosh beat Liz Nisbet & Tony Turner 7-6, 7-6.

Golf Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat Tony Turner 4-7, 7-3, 7-6.   Eric's handicap drops from 3 to 2.

                           - Ian Hunter beat Jacquie Errington 7-5, 7-2.

Golf League (Div 1) - Derek Johnson beat Jacquie Errington 7-4, 7-6.

                                - Eric Nixon beat Jacquie Errington 7-4,7-1.

                    (Div 2) - Brenda Johnson beat Tony Turner 7-5, 7-2.

CN Golf Singles KO - Derek Johnson & Phil Errington played 2 of their 3 games before bad light stopped play        .                                with the score 10-5, 7-10

Wednesday 10th July                                 FRIENDLY 

Belsay met Jarrow in a return friendly after last year's very successful meeting at Cleadon.  Belsay ran out winners 20-1.  All agreed it was a very enjoyable day.

Tuesday 9th July 

GC League (Div 2) - Brenda Johnson beat Jean Thompson 7-4, 7-6.

Brenda's handicap drops from 12 to 11.

 Sunday 7th July                                 EAST PENNINE LEAGUE 

Belsay  overcame Tyneside in the season's second EPL match coming from behind at lunch to win all four afternoon singles and win 5-2, a repeat of their performance against Middlesbrough.

                  Phil Errington (2) & Derek Old (7) lost to Derek Watts (2) & Sheila Watts (10)  25-26

                                                   Eric Nixon (12) beat Alice Fleck (12) 26-6

                                        Derek Johnson (12) lost to Colin Green (12) 15-18t

                                                     Phil Errington beat Derek Watts 26-12

                                                         Derek Old beat Sheila Watts 26-17

                                                  Derek Johnson beat Alice Fleck 26-14

                                                        Eric Nixon beat Colin Green 26-5      

 (Although there is one more EPL match to play against Pendle and Craven on the 27th July Belsay have won the league within the Croquet North Federation and will be the eligible club for the Secretary's Shield in 2014 - well done team!)

 Saturday 6th July 

AC Doubles KO - Phil Errington & Robert Nixon beat Derek Johnson & Charles Topaz 22-16

GC Singles KO - Brenda Johnson beat Derek Johnson  7-3, 7-3

                                     -  Phil Errington beat Robert Nixon 4-7, 7-5, 7-5

GC League Div 1 - Liz Nisbet beat Jacquie Errington 7-6, 5-7, 7-1

Friday 5th July 

CN AC Doubles KO-Geoff Clemence & Eric Nixon lost to Mike Akester & Eugene Brady (Middlesbrough) 22-26

CN AC Singles KO - David Millener beat Alison Heywood-Hill (Tyneside) 26-22

 Thursday 4th July 

Golf Singles KO - Ian Hunter beat Derek Old 7-4, 7-5

 Monday 1st July 

AC Singles KO - David Turner beat Geoff Clemence 26-24

AC Doubles KO - Eric Nixon & Brian Prickett beat Derek Johnson & Charles Topaz 18-14 in a game curtailed to two and a half hours because Derek was trapped in the gridlock on the southbound A1.

GC Singles KO - Joan Helliwell w/o v Liz Parker.

Saturday 29th June                       CROQUET NORTH GC LEAGUE (Division 1) 

Belsay entertained Middlesbrough for their second match of the season repeating the winning margin over Tyneside by 13-5

                    Derek Old (3) & Jack Shotton (4) beat Barbara McDermott (5) & Sylvia McCallum (7) 7-3

                                          Derek Johnson (3) beat Hilary Grant (7) 7-4

                                                Jacqui Old (6) beat Stuart Nimmo (7) 7-1

                Derek Johnson (3) Jacqui Old (6) lost to Stuart Nimmo (7) & Hilary Grant (7) 3-7

                                                Derek Old (3) beat Sylvia McCallum (7) 7-6

                                             Jack Shotton (4) beat Barbara McDermott (5) 7-4

                       Derek Old (3) Jacqui Old (6) beat Barbara McDermott (5) & Hilary Grant (7) 7-2

                                          Derek Johnson (3) lost to Stuart Nimmo (7) 5-7

                                            Jack Shotton (4) lost to Sylvia McCallum (7) 5-7

             Derek Johnson (3) Jack Shotton (4) beat Stuart Nimmo (7) Sylvia McCallum (7) 5-7

                                                Derek Old (3) beat Barbara McDermott (5) 7-4 

                                               Jacqui Old (6) beat Hilary Grant (7) 7-4

                  Jack Shotton (4) Jacqui Old (6) beat Sylvia McCallum (7) Hilary Grant (7) 7-6

                                               Derek Old (3) beat Stuart Nimmo (7) 7-1 

                                        Derek Johnson (3) beat Barbara McDermott (5) 7-5         

               Derek Old (3) Derek Johnson (3) beat Barbara McDermott (5) Stuart Nimmo (7) 7-6

                                        Jack Shotton (4) lost to Hilary Grant (7) 4-7 

                                           Jacqui Old (6) lost to Sylvia McCallum (7) 5-7               

Friday 28th June 

GC Singles KO - Derek Johnson beat Jean Thompson 7-3, 7-6 

GC Singles KO - Derek Old beat Derek Johnson 7-3, 7-4

AC Singles KO - Charles Topaz beat David Millener 20-19 

 Thursday 27th June 

CN GC Singles KO - Derek Johnson beat Carol Brady (Auckland) 8-10, 10-4, 10-4 

CN GC Singles KO - Eugene Brady beat Eric Nixon (Auckland) 10-9, 9-10, 10-9

Club Golf Singles KO - Tony Turner beat Megs Rogers 5-7, 7-1, 7-4

 Wednesday 26th June 

CN A/C Advanced Singles KO - David Millener beat Andrew Killick (M'Boro) 26-19

Club Assoc. Singles KO - Derek Old beat Geoff Clemence 26-14

Anstey Advanced League - Phil Errington beat David Millener 26-13

CN  GC Singles KO - Dave Turner lost to John Paul Moberly (Durham) 4-10, 10-9, 6-10

Sunday 23rd June 

CN A/C Advanced Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Jacob Carr (Tyneside CC) 26-12 

CN A/C Doubles KO - The match between Phil Errington & Derek Johnson vs Jacob Carr & Peter Wallace had to be 'pegged down' and abandoned following a hail thunderstorm which flooded the court.

Saturday 22nd June 

Belsay 'A' Team achieve resounding win at Bamburgh  Golf Tournament. Belsay 'B' Team come third.
'A' Team: - Derek Old (Captain), Jacqui Old, Robert Nixon & Hedley Parker
'B' Team: - Derek Johnson (Captain), Jack Shotton, Brenda Johnson, Liz Parker, Barbara McIntosh & Jacquie Errington. (The latter 4 were sharing team positions).

The Bamburgh Golf Tournament winning team being presented with the Alice Fleck Quaich: -

 Most of the Bamburgh Golf Tournament Competitors: -

 Friday 21st June 

GC Doubles KO -  Brenda Johnson & David Turner beat Derek Johnson & Robert Nixon 7-6 7-2

GC Singles KO (DRAW) - Robert Nixon beat Phil Errington 7-1, 7-2
AC Singles KO - David Millener beat David Turner 26-9
Thursday 20th June 
GC Singles KO - Jack Shotton beat Barbara McIntosh 6-7, 7-0, 7-4
CN GC Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Brian Johnson (Durham) 10-6, 10-7

Wednesday 19th June
GC Doubles KO - Derek Johnson & Robert Nixon beat Liz Nisbet & Tony Turner 7-6 7-0
                        - Liz Parker & Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon & Hedley Parker 7-5 7-6

Assoc. Anstey Advanced League - Phil Errington beat Derek Old 26-8

GC Singles KO  -  Eric
Nixon beat Hedley Parker 7-6 7-5
                           - Robert Nixon beat Jacquie Errington 5-7, 7-5, 7-1

GC Ladder        -  Derek
Johnson beat Liz Parker 10-7
                          -   Robert Nixon beat Brenda Johnson 10-4

 Sunday 16th June

Secretay's Shield first round match Belsay vs York played at Middlesbrough.

Belsay Hall won 4 games to 3.   Individual game results: -

Handicap Doubles - Phil Errington & David Millener lost to Andy Starkey & Mark Fitzsimons -15

Handicap Singles - Phil Errington lost to Andy Starkey -15

                               David Millener lost to Mark Fitzsimons -15

                               David Turner beat Lance Andrews +17

                               David Turner beat Dave Hudson +24

                               Derek Johnson beat Dave Hudson +8

                               Derek Johnson beat Lance Andrews +11

All credit to Derek J. and David T. who saved the day by winning all their singles matches.

Belsay now play Ashby in the next round.

Sunday 16th June

GC Singles KO - Derek Old beat Liz Nisbet 7-6 5-7 7-6  

Saturday 15th June

GC Singles KO - Derek Johnson beat Joan Helliwell 7-4 7-3 

GC Ladder -  Derek Johnson beat David Kaye 10-6

                                 Brenda Johnson beat Liz Nisbet 10-9

Friday 14th June

AC Singles KO - David Turner beat Derek Johnson 26-12

CN AC Handicap Singles KO - Nigel Roberts beat Phil Errington 26 - 9

CN AC Handicap Singles KO - Phil Errington beat Dennis Scarr 26 - 12

CN AC Handicap Singles KO - David Millener beat John Fitzpatrick 26 - 11

CN Advanced Singles KO - Dennis Scarr beat David Millener 26 - 11

Thursday 13th June

GC Singles KO - Ian Hunter beat Brenda Johnson 7-4, 7-2. 

CN  AC Doubles KO - Phil Errington & Derek Johnson beat Alice Fleck & David Turner 26-14

CN  AC Doubles KO - Phil Errington & Derek Johnson beat Andrew Killick & Peter McDermott 26-5

 Wednesday 12th June

Belsay Castle League - Charles Topaz beat Geoff Clemence 18-8 

Monday 10th June

Association Singles KO - Geoff Clemence beat Megs Rogers 19-13

Belsay Hall League - David Turner beat David Millener 26-10

Wednesday 12th June                                 CROQUET NORTH GC LEAGUE (Division 2) 

Belsay travelled to Alnwick for their first match of the season but came away empty handed, losing 13-5.

                    Ian Hunter (6) & John Ingham (12) lost to Ted Sisterson (6) & Bill Parker (7) 4-7

                                                Liz Parker (12) lost to John Howie (7) 1-7

                                        Brenda Johnson (12) lost to John Frater (7) 3-7

               Brenda Johnson (12) Liz Parker (12) lost to John Howie (7) & John Frater (7) 5-7

                                              John Ingham (12) lost to Ted Sisterson (6) 2-7

                                                  Ian Hunter (6) beat Bill Parker (7) 7-4

                        Ian Hunter (6) Liz Parker (12) lost to Ted Sisterson (6) & John Frater (7) 2-7

                                          Brenda Johnson (12) lost to John Howie (7)   4-7

                                              John Ingham (12) lost to Bill Parker (7) 6-7

            Brenda Johnson (12) John Ingham (12) lost to John Howie (7) Bill Parker (7) 5-7

                                                   Ian Hunter (6) beat Ted Sisterson (6) 7-6 

                                                 Liz Parker (12) lost to John Frater (7) 3-7

                    Liz Parker (12) John Ingham (12) beat John Frater (7) Bill Parker (7) 7-5

                                          Brenda Johnson (12) lost toTed Sisterson (6) 2-7 

                                                 Ian Hunter (6) beat John Howie (7) 7-4         

                Ian Hunter (6) Brenda Johnson (12) beat Ted Sisterson (6) John Howie (7) 7-5

                                                 Liz Parker (12) lost to Bill Parker (7) 4-7 

                                              John Ingham (12) lost to John Frater (7) 1-7                                                                

Sunday 9th June                                 CROQUET NORTH AC LEAGUE 

Belsay pipped Tyneside 3-1 by winning the afternoon doubles on the "golden hoop" after Don Wright's attempted roquet somehow contrived to pass between the two Belsay balls leaving Dave Turner a very simple roquet and hoop approach to three back for victory.

                                   Geoff Clemence (14) beat Colin Green (12) 26-4

        Dave Turner (8) & Derek Johnson (12) lost to Don Wright (6) & Peter Wallace (10) 18-23
                                    Derek Johnson (12) beat Peter Wallace (10) 26-11
       Dave Turner (8) & Geoff Clemence (14) beat Don Wright (6) & Colin Green (12)  17-16

Saturday 8th June

Golf Singles KO - Brenda Johnson beat Liz Nisbet 5-7, 7-5, 7-2 

Thursday 6th June

Golf Singles KO - Phil Errington beat David Kaye 7-3, 7-4 

Wednesay 5th June

Golf Singles KO - Jacquie Errington beat Jean Thompson 7-3, 7-3

Monday 3rd June

Association Singles KO - David Millener beat Jack Shotton 26-14

Sunday 2nd June                                 EAST PENNINE LEAGUE 

Belsay  overcame Middlesbrough in the season's first EPL match coming from behind at lunch to win all four afternoon singles and win 5-2.

                  Derek Old (7) & David Turner (8) lost to Roger Staples(3.5) & Charles Waterfield (0.5)   10-26

                                        David Millener (7) lost to Eugene Brady (9) 11-26

                                       Derek Johnson (12) beat John Fitzpatrick (16) 26-5

                                             Derek Old (7)  beat Charles Waterfield (0.5) 26-14

                                          David Turner (8) beat Roger Staples(3.5) 26-1

                                        David Millener (7) beat John Fitzpatrick (16) 26-19

                                       Derek Johnson (12) beat Eugene Brady (9) 29-20       

Saturday 1st June 

The new club badges have arrived!  Anyone who ordered one, or more, from me can collect them when they next see me or can arrange for an intermediary to pass their badge on.  Remember they cost £3 each so the money would be most welcome at the time of collection!  There are also six spare badges that can be obtained on a first come first served basis to anyone who recognises a quality product when they see it!   The badges can be ironed on or sewn on.

Derek Johnson

Saturday 1st June                              MURPHY SHIELD  1ST ROUND 

The Murphy Shield is a GC national knockout competition for clubs arranged by the Croquet Association.  In contrast to the GC Inter Club Championship there are restrictions on people who may play, with nobody with a handicap of less than  2 allowed to play and a requirement that a team's total of handicaps must be 12 or more.  After reaching the semi-finals for the last three years, Belsay crashed out of the competition in the first round this year losing five and a half to one and a half to Tyneside at Exhibition Park.  (With the match result decided Colin Green and Derek Johnson called it an honourable draw in the last rubber to finish.)

                  Derek Old (3) & Derek Johnson (3) beat John Moore (2) & Colin Green (3)   7-5,7-5

                  Tony Turner (10)                          lost to               Colin McDonald (3)         5-7,4-7

                   Jacqui Old (6)                             lost to               Alison Heywood-Hill (5)  6-7,4-7

                   Derek Old (3)                             lost to               John Moore (2)               6-7,5-7

                   Derek Johnson (3)                    drew with             Colin Green (3)               7-5,3-7

                   Jacqui Old (6)                             lost to               Colin McDonald (3)         3-7,4-7

                   Tony Turner (10)                         lost to               Alison Heywood-Hill (5)  3-7,3-7.

 Tuesday 28th May

Golf Singles KO - Robert Nixon beat Barbara McIntosh 7-6, 7-2 

Monday 27th May 

Golf Singles KO - Derek Johnson beat Jack Shotton 7-3, 7-6

Association Singles KO - Charles Topaz beat Megs Rogers 19-12

Saturday 25th May



Bright sunshine bathed the austere facade of the Hall, or should that have been the Austen facade?  It was the first day of the Costumes From Austen display so there were dueling Regency bucks, demonstrations of the quadrille and Ladies and Gentlemen promenading around the grounds in full Regency attire.

And it is a truth universally acknowledged that a new tournament is in need of support.  A disappointingly low 10 members entered prompting the Manager to try for an ambitious "All Play All" format.  

Luckily he had stipulated that in the event of all the matches not being played he would use Geoff Taylor's Comparative Scoring computer program to fill in the blanks.  Either way, Phil Errington is the inaugural club champion winning all seven of his matches.  Unfortunately he failed to enter into the spirit of the day by diving into the lake! 

Thursday 23rd May

Golf Singles KO - Ian Hunter beat Eric Nixon 7-5, 7-3

Golf Singles KO - David Turner beat Hedley Parker 7-4, 7-4

Wednesday 22nd May

Assoc. Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat Derek Old 26-8

Anstey Advanced League - Derek Old beat David Millener 26-25

Sunday 19th May

Golf Singles KO - Jacquie Errington beat Megs Rogers 7-5, 7-6

 Friday 17th May

Golf Singles KO - Phil Errington beat David Turner 7-6, 7-4

Golf Doubles KO - David Turner + Brenda Johnson beat Jacquie Errington + Julie Millener 7-4, 7-4

 Thursday 16th May

Golf Singles KO - Jacquie Errington beat Liz Parker 7-6, 3-7, 7-4

 Wednesday 15th May

The 2013 Membership Cards are now available and will be distributed to paid up members during the next week.

 Monday 13th May

Tony Turner organised and managed our annual home 'friendly' golf croquet match against Tynemouth CC. Whilst rather chilly all 16 players enjoyed a competitive day. On this occasion Tynemouth won 15.5 games to 12.5 

 Friday 10th May

Assoc. DKO - Phil Errington & Robert Nixon beat David Turner & Geoff Clemence 26-11

 Thursday 9th May

Eric Nixon beat David Kaye in the Golf SKO 7-6, 7-1

 Wednesday 8th May

In the first club competition match of the season Eric Nixon & Hedley Parker just beat Jacquie Errington & Julie Millener in the Golf DKO 3-7, 7-1, 7-6

Monday 6th May

Julie Millener wins the Belsay Fun Day Tournament and Robert Nixon comes second. £100 raised for charity.

Excellently organised and managed by Eric Nixon with 20 club members taking part.

 Sunday 5th May

Geoff Clemence wins the Middlesbrough Weekend Handicap Tournament. The best of a field of 12.

Geoff's handicap is adjusted by the manager to 14 - well done Geoff!

 Tuesday 30th April

The draw for starting  positions on the Golf Croquet Ladder has been made.

Do remember that the ladder is a great way of playing matches in a friendly atmosphere but they still count towards your handicap.  The Automatic Scoring System will only reflect your true handicap if you give it a chance by playing a significant number of matches! 


 Friday 26th April

Preparations for play to start tomorrow, Saturday 27th April, have been completed.

All club competition first round details are on the portable notice boards in the hut.

The club diary has all known inter-club match dates entered.

When arranging internal club matches please e-mail the details to and they will be entered on the website calendar. Also enter the match in the club diary.

It would be appreciated if members enter their attendance in the club diary so your committee can assess court utilisation. (This does not apply on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons if a score card is being completed).

N.B. Please sign awareness acknowledgement of the Risk Assessments for 2013 on first attendance. There has been a change to Assessment 1s referring to the new barriers at the top of the steps onto the court area.



 Monday 28th March

Belsay have been drawn against Tyneside in the first round of the GC Murphy Shield. The match to be played by 16th June. It is being played at Tyneside on 1st June.

In the GC Inter-Club Championship Belsay has a bye in the first round and play Dulwich in the quarter final by 22nd July.

In the AC Secretary's Shield Belsay have drawn York in the first round - to be played by 16th June. It is being played on 16th June on neutral ground at Middlesbrough.




Sunday, 17th March 2013

The draws for the Golf Croquet Singles and Doubles Knockouts have been made and can be accessed via the Club Competitions page.

In the "Draw" there is a "Clash of the Titans" with Phil Errington playing David Turner and also a replay of last year's Club Final between Derek Old and Liz Nisbet.

The "Draw" for the Doubles sees last year's winners Ian Hunter and Trevor Smith drawn against each other in the first round with their new respective partners Barabara McIntosh and Jack Shotton.

The competitors in the two divisions of the Golf Croquet League are also shown on the relevant page of the Club Competitions section. 

 Saturday, 27th April 2013

Start of 2013 season.  See calendar for further information about Charity Fun Day (Monday 6th May) etc.

Thursday, 21st March

Winter Lunch @ The Highlander Inn - 12.30 onwards. All members and their guests are welcome.

Please let Megs know in the preceding week if you are intending to come.


Saturday, 16th March

Belsay Croquet Club Annual General Meeting @ Belsay Hall - 10.30am


Monday, 4th March

All Croquet North AC & GC League and East Pennine League fixtures now on Club calendar.

Also friendly fixtures with Tynemouth CC.

Saturday, 2nd March

Croquet North Annual General Meeting @ Tyneside Croquet Club Pavillion in Exhibition Park - 10.30am


8th February 2013

Derek Johnson's article about setting up a club website appears in the February issue of the  Croquet Gazette.


1st November 2012

Belsay Hall Croquet Club's Trophy Presentation Meal is to be held at Ponteland Golf Club on Wednesday 14th November.

This replaces our normal November 'Winter Lunch' which would have been on Thursday 15th November.

Don't forget to make your application before 10th November!


Indoor croquet at Dalton Village Hall started this week on Wednesday (AC) and Thursday (GC) and will continue until just before Christmas. If you haven't experienced this before do come along and give it a try.

Your first session is free - thereafter a very reasonable £3 a session. Please contact Phil if you require more detail.


30th September

Outdoor season finished at Belsay Hall for another year. Please do keep in touch with any matters through gmail.

Watch out for information on the start of indoor croquet at Dalton Village Hall.


26th September - 11-45am

              Unsurprisingly the Belsay courts are severely waterlogged after yesterday's showers. There can be no play today (Wednesday) and probably not Thursday either.

It was raining again as I left Belsay!  Phil E.

24th September

CN AC League v Middlesbrough Resolution

Six hardy souls met at Albert Park to get soaked through and contest a very close match that saw Belsay gain its first league point of the season with a 2-2 draw.  It rained non-stop all day but at least it was not quite as cataclysmic as the Met Office had forecast.  As Dennis Scarr observed, it is possible after all to play croquet without any feeling in your hands!

     David   Millener (7)  beat  Mike Akester (11) 26-21

     Derek  Old (7) Derek Johnson (12) lost to Dennis Scarr (4.5) & John Parks (14)  12-26

     Derek  Old (7) & David Millener (7) lost to  Dennis Scarr (4.5)  &  Mike Akester (11)  25-26

     Derek Johnson (12)  beat  John Parks (14)  26-25 

 23rd September   "Top Of the Tree" Golf Croquet Tournament at Ripon Spa Hotel

 Derek and Jacqui Old and Derek Johnson competed in this annual contest inaugurated by Syd Jones. Derek Old regained the trophy a few years after last winning it, beating Fergus Thompson of Ripon on count back after each had won five games out of six.

Fergus Thompson, Ted Flaxman, Irene Burns,Jacqui Old, Jane Pringle, Derek Johnson

Derek Old

22nd September

A Belsay team (Hedley & Liz Parker, David & Julie Millener, Robert Nixon and Tony Turner) played friendly GC at Jarrow. The home team only managed to win 3 games out of 24 but this did not distract from an enjoyable day for all due to a combination of friendly team players/helpers, very accommodating hosts and excellent weather. We played on two excellent lawn surfaces of a hybrid size (a little narrow but full length). The Jarrow players were very appreciative of our visit.

David M.

22nd September

Golf Ladder - Derek Johnson beat  Liz   Nisbet  10-6 

 19th September - In view of the weather forecast for Thursday 20th Sept. the hoops and corner flags were lifted this afternoon (Wednesday) in preparation for grass cut on Friday morning.

16th September

CN AC League v Middlesbrough Endeavour Belsay lost 1-3.

    Derek Johnson (12) lost to John Fitzpatrick (16) 18-26

    David Millener (7) & Eric Nixon (12) lost to Roger Staples (3.5) & Phil Terry (11)  23-26

    David Millener (7) & Derek Johnson (12) lost to Roger Staples (3.5) & John Fitzpatrick (16) 12-26

   Eric Nixon (12) beat Phil Terry (11) 26-13

GC Ladder - Julie Millener beat Barbara McIntosh 10-7 & retains her position on the 'Ladder'.

15th September

CN GC League Division 1 Belsay beat Auckland 13.5-4.5 to win Division One of the Croquet North Golf Croquet League 

 13th September

Golf Ladder - Liz Nisbet beat David Kaye 10-6

Middlesbrough Progressive Doubles - 'Senior' winner was Andrew Killick (M'Boro) and the 'Junior' winner was Barbara McDermott (M'Boro).

David Millener and Robert Nixon both came third in their respective 'senior'/'junior' blocks. 

 12th September

AC Belsay Castle League - Megs Rogers beat Robert Nixon 18-13

                                       Charles Topaz beat Robert Nixon 18-11                                           

                                       Megs Rogers beat Geoff Clemence 18-14

11th September

AC Belsay Hall League - Derek Johnson beat David Turner 26-24

GC League Div 1 -   Megs Rogers beat Barbara McIntosh 7-3,7-2.

                                Eric Nixon  beat  Megs Rogers  7-2,7-4.

GC Ladder -            Barbara McIntosh beat Brenda Johnson 10-8

10th September - Please note we have now been granted a further extension to our playing season up until Sunday, 30th September. 

Pease make full use of the courts!   (Phil Errington).

10th September

East Pennine League - Belsay Hall beat Pendle & Craven 5-2

Advanced - Phil Errington (2) & David Millener (7) beat John Filsack (2.5) & Andrew Webb (3.5) 26-3

                  Phil Errington (2)  beat John Filsack (2.5) 26-14

                  David Millener (7) lost to Andrew Webb (3.5) 11-26

Handicap -  Derek Johnson (14)  beat Paul Dowdall (16) 26-2

                  David Turner (8) beat Garry Wilson (20) 26-10

                  Derek Johnson (14) beat Garry Wilson (20) 26-19

                  David Turner (8) lost to Paul Dowdall (16) 0-26

Belsay have won all three of their East Pennine League games this season and will qualify for the Secretary's Shield (National) competition next year.

9th September

CN Golf Croquet League Div A - Belsay Hall 'A' beat Tyneside 'A' 14-4  

8th September

GC League Div 1 - Derek Johnson beat Megs Rogers 7-4,6-7,7-6.

GC Doubles Final - Ian Hunter & Trevor Smith beat  Derek Johnson & Robert Nixon 7-6,7-6.

Anstey Advanced League - Phil Errington beat Derek Old 26-3

                                        Phil Errington beat David Millener 26-6 

 7th September

Belsay Hall League - Derek Johnson beat David Millener 26-1

 6th September

Golf League Div 1 - Megs Rogers beat Jacquie Errington 7-3, 7-6

                             Megs Rogers beat Liz Nisbet 7-6, 7-3

Association Advanced League - David Millener beat David Turner 26-15

 5th September

Golf 'Friendly' against Croquet Durham - Durham won by 13 games to 11 in a tight fought match.

Association Ladder - Geoff Clemence beat Charles Topaz 22-11

4th September

Golf Singles KO Final - Derek Old beat Liz Nisbet  7-6, 7-6.

Golf League Div 2 -       Marian Falcus beat Brenda Johnson 5-7,7-6, 7-6.

3rd September

AC Monthly Tournament Final - David Millener and Geoff Clemence won all three of their games to finish top of the senior and junior blocks respectively.

2nd September

CN GC League Div 2 - Belsay Hall beat Tyneside 9.5-8.5 at Exhibition Park. The team was Julie Millener, Robert Nixon, Hedley Parker and Brenda Johnson.

Belsay Hall League - Derek Johnson beat Eric Nixon 26-11

1st September

Golf Singles KO -        Liz Nisbet beat Derek Johnson 7-3, 7-4 in the 'DRAW' final 

Golf League Div 1 -      Eric Nixon beat Liz  Nisbet  7-5, 7-6.

                                     Derek Johnson beat Barbara McIntosh 7-6, 7-3.

31st August

"Countryfile" on Sunday night at 7.30 on BBC1 will feature a piece on croquet.  They will be visiting Chastleton House where the rules of croquet were written in 1866.

Liz Larsson of the CA will be explaining why the rules were written at Chastleton and Rachel Rowe (currently Women's World GC Champion and winner of the Cheltenham Advanced Weekend on 27 August) will show some of the tactics and skills of Association Croquet. Then presenters Helen Skelton and Matt Baker will have a go.

 31st August

Golf Singles KO - Derek Old beat Megs Rogers 7-3, 7-3 in the 'PROCESS' final

30th August 2012 - Both courts unplayable owing to overnight rain. This afternoon's golf croquet is cancelled. (posted - 10.45am Thursday 30th).

 29th August 2012 - Court 1 unplayable and will probably remain so for Thursday golf croquet.

                              Court 2 just playable until later rain started puddling stopping play

Castle League (played am) - Geoff Clemence beat Robert Nixon 18-5

 28th August 2012

Golf league Div 2 - Robert Nixon beat Marian Falcus 7-1, 4-7, 7-6

                                Robert Nixon beat Jean Thompson 7-0, 7-4

 27th August 2012 - Play abandoned at lunch time owing to standing water.

  Advanced Assoc. League: - David Millener beat Derek Old 26-14

                                               Phil Errington beat David Turner 26-5 

 26th August 2012 - Belsay courts waterlogged again!

A check made this afternoon found both courts with standing surface water from Saturday's rain.

Play should be possible tomorrow if there is no more rain but the forecast looks bleak for this area.

26th August 2012 - Murphy Shield Semi Final v Watford at Nottingham

Belsay made a third consecutive appearance in the semi finals of the Murphy Shield and for a third consecutive year came up short.  But we're getting closer!  Although we lost 5-2, at one point in the  last two matches with the score 2-3, Eric Nixon was leading 5-4 and Megs Rogers was leading 4-3 in the third game of their matches.  Full details in "External Competitions".

25th August 2012 - Croquet North Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles

Brian Johnson and David Parsons of Croquet Durham won the Taylor Plates.  Phil Errington & Derek Johnson and Jacqui & Derek Old formed the all-Belsay pairings and David Turner partnered Alice Fleck .  Phil and Derek finished on the same number of points as Brian and David but were beaten on the tie break.

 24th August 2012

Association Singles KO FINAL - Geoff Clemence beat Eric Nixon 26-11 to become this year's Club Champion. Well done Geoff!

Belsay Castle League - Charles Topaz beat Megs Rogers 18-6

22nd August 2012

GC League Div 1 - Jacquie Errington beat David Turner 7-6, 5-7, 7-4

Golf Singles KO - Derek Old beat Robert Nixon 7-6, 7-5

Assoc. Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat David Millener 26-7

                              Eric now plays his doubles partner, Geoff Clemence, in the singles KO final!

20th August 2012 - Courts waterlogged the standing water visible. No play possible today or tomorrow, Tuesday 21st Aug.

 16th August 2012 - Croquet North Golf Progressive Doubles With only a slight shower in an otherwise sunny and pleasant day 18 players enjoyed 8 rounds of Progressive Golf followed by a sumptious tea. The 'senior' winner was Colin Green (Tyneside CC) and the 'junior' winner Sylvia McCallum (alias Peter McDermott - M'Boro CC).

Many thanks to Eric Nixon for his superb organisation and management of the day.

15th August 2012

GC League Div 1 - Tony Turner beat Liz Nisbet 7-5, 7-2.

                            Barbara McIntosh beat Tony Turner 7-5, 4-7, 7-5

Association Doubles KO - Eric Nixon & Geoff Clemence beat David Millener & Brian Prickett 26-7 in the PROCESS semi-final and having won the DRAW semi-final too are the 2012 winners of the Doubles Knock Out. Well done Eric & Geoff!

 13th August 2012 - English-Heritage Trophy Match  Belsay beat Brodsworth Hall 17.5 - 0.5 at Belsay today to regain the E-H Trophy. Belsay's team was: Megs Rogers, Jacqui & Derek Old and Eric Nixon.

12th August 2012 CN GC league Division 1   Belsay beat Middlesbrough 15-3

11th August 2012 

GC Doubles KO    Derek Johnson &  Robert Nixon beat  Phil Errington & Liz Parker 7-3,7-5.

GC League Div 1   Eric  Nixon beat Barbara McIntosh 7-5, 7-5. 

GC League Div 2   Hedley Parker beat Robert Nixon   7-3, 7-6 .

10th August 2012

Assoc. Singles KO Geoff Clemence beat Derek Old 26-8

Belsay Hall League David Millener beat David Turner 26-14

9th August 2012 

GC Singles KO      Megs Rogers  beat  Liz Nisbet 7-4,7-6.

GC League Div 1    Eric Nixon  beat Derek Johnson 3-7, 7-5,7-5

                           Megs Rogers  beat  Tony Turner 7-4,7-5

8th August 2012 

GC Singles KO        Derek Johnson beat  Derek Old 7-6,7-5.

GC League Div 1      Jacquie   Errington beat Tony Turner 7-3, 7-6

                                Eric Nixon beat Jacquie Errington 7-3, 7-5

Assoc. Doubles KO Eric Nixon & Geoff Clemence beat David Millener & Brian Prickett 26-10

7th August 2012 

GC League Div 2 Jean Thompson beat Marian Falcus 5-7, 7-6, 7-2. 

5th August 2012 

GC Doubles KO  Ian Hunter & Trevor Smith beat Brenda Johnson & Eric Nixon 7-2, 7-5.

GC League Div 1 Eric Nixon beat Tony Turner 7-4, 7-3.

                                         Liz Nisbet beat Barbara McIntosh 7-5, 5-7, 7-5. 

                                         Derek Johnson beat Tony Turner 7-5, 3-7, 7-5.

4th August 2012 

AC Doubles KO    David Millener & Brian Prickett  beat Derek Johnson & David Turner  26-12.

GC League Div 1   Liz Nisbet beat Jacquie Errington 7-3,7-5.

GC League Div 2  Hedley Parker beat Brenda Johnson 7-4,7-6.

3rd August 2012 Belsay Hall League  David   Millener beat Eric Nixon 26-16.

 2nd August 2012 GC League Div 2 Brenda Johnson beat David Kaye 7-3, 5-7, 7-2.

                                                                                                                                                Liz Parker beat Jean Thompson 7-6, 7-3.

1st August 2012 AC Singles KO    Geoff Clemence beat  David   Millener  26-21 

31st July 2012 GC League Div 2   Brenda Johnson beat Jean Thompson 7-4,7-6.

                                           GC Singles KO                Liz Nisbet beat Jack Shotton 7-3,7-5.

                                                        Derek Old beat Jean Thompson 7-2,7-4.

30th July 2012 AC Singles KO     David Millener beat Derek Old 26-4. 

                                                        Derek Old beat Charles Topaz 26-21. 

29th July 2012 GC League Div 1  Derek Johnson beat Jacquie Errington 4-7, 7-5, 7-4. 

                          GC Singles KO     Derek Old beat  Derek Johnson  7-6, 5-7, 7-3. 

28th July 2012 GC League Div 1  Derek Johnson beat Liz Nisbet 7-1, 7-4.

                          GC League Div 2  Robert Nixon beat Brenda Johnson 7-3, 7-6.

                                                       Hedley Parker beat Jean Thompson 7-2, 7-4.

                                                       Hedley Parker beat Liz Parker 7-5, 7-5. 

                                                       Liz  Parker beat  Brenda   Johnson  7-6, 6-7, 7-5.                                 

                                                        Robert   Nixon  beat   Liz    Parker  7-5, 7-3.

                         GC Singles KO      Robert Nixon beat  Hedley  Parker   7-1, 5-7, 7-3.   

                        GC Ladder             Liz Nisbet  beat   Derek Johnson 10-8 .       

 26th July 2012 Belsay Hall League  David Millener beat Brian Talkes 26-9

24th July 2012 Golf Singles KO  Liz Nisbet beat Marian Falcus 7-4, 7-2.

22nd July 2012 Murphy Shield  - Belsay beat Woodhall Spa 6-1 and meet Watford in the semi-final.  Full details on the External Competitions page.

 21st July 2012 CN Golf League Division 1 - Belsay narrowly lost to Durham 8.5 to 9.5 at Belsay.

 19th July 2012 Call For Players  A friendly golf croquet match against Tynemouth CC has been arranged for Monday 6th August at Belsay. Anyone wishing to play in this match please contact Tony Turner on 0191 257 7885. We are looking for a team of eight for this match.

19th July 2012 Golf Singles KO  Jack Shotton beat Megs Rogers 2-7, 7-3, 7-6

                          Golf Singles KO  Megs Rogers beat Phil Errington 2-7, 7-4, 7-4  

14th July 2012   Courts playable once more!

14th July 2012 Belsay Hall League Brian Talkes beat Derek  Johnson 24-23 (T) 

12th July 2012

Courts still not playable - they are very, very soft with water squeezing up around one's feet. There are no white lines visible either. It is highly unlikely conditions will have improved for Friday 13th afternoon.

An assessment will need to be made for play on Saturday 14th.

10th July 2012

All courts flooded today - no play possible. Due to continuing rain courts are unlikely to be playable tomorrow, Wednesday 11th July. The forecast is for a drier day on Thursday but the courts may still not have drained sufficiently. An examination will be necessary and if too soft no play should take place if there is a likelihood of court damage.

 9th July 2012

Both full courts are still very wet and with more rain forecast it would be advisable for the Tuesday afternoon golf players to play only on the short courts nearest the grass bank - i.e. courts 1 & 4.       The gardening staff are very concerned that we do not damage the courts by bringing mud up through the grass with excessive trampling. Equally it is not in our interest to damage the courts and affect croquet play either!    It may be necessary to vary the position of starting a game of golf croquet away from corner four by moving further up the East boundary as has been done in the past when extrememly wet conditions prevailed.

9th July 2012

Assoc. Doubles KO - David Millener & Brian Prickett beat David Turner & Derek Johnson 21-19t

Assoc. Singles KO - Charles Topaz beat David Turner 26-0 

8th July 2012

East Pennine League Match - Belsay Hall beat Tyneside 5-2

Advanced play: - David Millener + Phil Errington beat Jacob Carr + Don Wright 26-11

                             Phil Errington beat Jacob Carr 26-11

                             David Millener lost to Don Wright 11-26

Handicap play: - Derek Old beat Peter Wallace 26-21

                           Derek Johnson beat Colin Green 25-19t

                           Derek Johnson beat Peter Wallace 26-10

                           Derek Old lost to Colin Green 15-26




6th July 2012

Assoc. Singles KO - Eric Nixon beat Geoff Clemence 26-20

5th July 2012

GC Singles K-O - Jack Shotton beat Tony Turner 7-3, 3-7, 7-1.

4th July 2012

Assoc. Singles K-O - David Millener beat Jack Shotton 26-20.

GC League - Jacquie Errington beat Barbara McIntosh 7-3, 7-4.

2nd July 2012  

GC Singles K-O - Derek Johnson beat Eric Nixon 7-5, 3-7, 7-3.

                             Derek Johnson beat Barbara McIntosh 7-1, 7-5.  

1st July 2012  

AC Singles K-O - Derek Old beat Derek Johnson 26-21 

Friday 29th June 2012 (pm) 

No play today owing to damage caused by flooded courts. Grass cutting incomplete - it is hoped this will be completed on Monday 2nd July.

Any member playing this weekend (30th June/1st July) should clear the courts of hoops etc. ready for Monday's grass cut. Please leave bisques in white line intersection points so the gardeners know where to put the white lines on Monday.

Members with matches booked for Monday 2nd July should reviewthe situation - grass cutting and lining unlikely to be complete before 1.00pm and very dependent on Saturday/Sunday/Monday's weather.

 28th June 2012 (pm)  SPOT THE BALL?

Over 1" of rain fell this afternoon in under 30 minutes - no swans landed before we left!

 28th June 2012  (am)

GC Singles K-O - Liz Nisbet beat Jack Shotton 3-7, 7-6, 7-1

27th June 2012 - Gazebo painting complete - all facilities now useable .

AC Doubles K-O - Eric Nixon & Geoff Clemece beat Phil Errington & Trevor Smith 26-15

Golf Doubles K-O - Eric Nixon & Brenda Johnson beat Phil Errington & Liz Parker  7-5, 7-3  

25th June 2012 - Gazebo painting was completed today. Tuesday players please be careful with possibly wet surfaces. Gazebo floor requires 24 hours to dry and should not be walked on on Tuesday 26th June.

25th June 2012 -

GC Singles K-O   Megs Rogers beat David Turner 7-5, 7-5

                            Megs Rogers beat Joan Helliwell 7-6, 7-5

AC Singles K-O   Geoff Clemence beat David Turner 26-5 

                                                                     Derek Old beat Phil Errington 26-25

 24th June 2012 - 

GC Singles K-O  Liz Nisbet beat Brenda Johnson 7-3, 5-7, 7-6.

GC Doubles K-O   Ian Hunter & Trevor Smith  beat Derek Johnson & Robert Nixon 7-5,7-4.

 23rd June 2012 -
AC Singles K-O  David Millener beat Megs Rogers  26-14

GC Singles K-O   Phil Errington beat Ian Hunter  7-5, 6-7, 7-5



There may be no access to the gazebo whilst the paint/stain dries although the hut can be used. Please take care not to rub against the wet treated surfaces in your beautiful whites!

 21st June 2012 - Association Doubles K-O

                Eric Nixon & Geoff Clemence beat Jack Shotton & Charles Topaz 26-9

 17th June 2012 - CN GC League Division 2

The golf croquet match against Bamburgh (at Bamburgh) was abandoned today due to bad weather.

However, the courts at Belsay had improved significantly on yesterday and providing there is no more heavy rain the Monthly Tournament should be able to take place tomorrow as planned.

GC Doubles K-O - Derek Johnson & Robert Nixon beat Liz Nisbet & David Kaye 7-3, 7-6

GC Singles K-O - Liz Nisbet beat Phil Errington 2-7, 7-4, 7-3

 16th June 2012 - CN GC League Division 1 
 The match against Auckland scheduled for today has been postponed due to the weather conditions.
I was at Belsay this afternoon and can see no prospect of play there on Sunday 17th even if there is no further rain over night.  It is appreciably worse and more widespread than last weekend when the waterlogging was confined to the area  next to the wall.  The Monthly Tournament on Monday must be in doubt as well.                                                                                                                         Derek Johnson  

 14th June 2012 -
Assoc. Singles K-O Derek Old beat Jack Shotton 26-17

 13th June 2012 -
GC Singles K-O   Barbara McIntosh beat Jacquie Errington 5-7, 7-5, 7-6

GC Doubles K-O  Phil Errington & Liz Parker beat Eric Nixon & Brenda Johnson 5-7, 7-5, 7-5

12th June 2012 -
GC Singles K-O   Jean Thompson beat Eric Nixon 7-5, 7-6 

GC Singles K-O   Brenda Johnson beat Joan Helliwell 7-3, 4-7, 7-3 .

GC Doubles K-O  Liz Nisbet & David Kaye beat Jack Shotton & Tony Turner 6-7, 7-2, 7-6 .

 11th June 2012 - 
CN Golf League Match - Division 2

    In the first CN Golf League Div 2 match of the season Belsay drew with Alnwick 9 games all.

10th June 2012 - Assoc Doubles K-O

                           David Turner & Derek Johnson beat Phil Errington & Trevor Smith  26 - 18 

 9th June 2012 - Golf Croquet Inter-Club Murphy Shield

                           Belsay Hall beat Nottingham  5-2 and meet Woodhall Spa in the next round. Full details on External Competitions page.

6th June 2012 - Assoc. Singles K-O

                          Charles Topaz beat Brian Talkes 18-11 

 5th June 2012 - GC Doubles KO     

                         Derek Johnson & Robert Nixon beat Jacquie Errington & Julie Millener 5-7, 7-5, 7-6

4th June 2012 - 

GC Singles KO      Derek Old beat Tony Turner 7-2, 7-4.

AC Singles KO      Eric Nixon beat Charles Topaz 26-11.

2nd June 2012 - 

GC Doubles KO      Derek Johnson & Robert Nixon beat  Hedley Parker & David Turner 7-6, 5-7, 7-5.

GC Ladder             Liz Parker beat Tony Turner 10-7.  

1st June 2012 - AC Singles KO      

                               Megs Rogers beat Brian Talkes 20-8.  

31st May 2012 - 

AC Doubles KO      David Millener &  Brian Prickett beat  Jack Shotton & Charles Topaz 22-21. 

GC Doubles KO      Brenda Johnson &  Eric Nixon beat  Liz Nisbet & David Kaye 5-7, 7-2, 7-2.

                                                                          Brenda Johnson &  Eric Nixon beat  Ian Hunter & Trevor Smith 7-2, 6-7, 7-6. 

30th May 2012 - 

GC Singles KO       Barbara McIntosh  beat  Liz Parker  7-6, 6-7, 7-2.

                              Ian Hunter beat  Liz Parker  7-5, 7-4.

                              Hedley Parker beat Jacquie Errington 7-2, 7-5.

AC Singles KO       David Millener  beat  Eric Nixon 26-15.

28th May 2012 - 

GC  Doubles KO    Ian Hunter & Trevor Smith beat Jack Shotton & Tony Turner 7-6,7-1.

GC Singles KO      Tony Turner beat Barbara McIntosh 7-3, 7-6.

27th May 2012 - East Pennine League Match vs Middlesbrough at Albert Park   

                                                    Belsay won by 5 games to 2

     Advanced play:- Phil Errington & David Turner beat Peter McDermott & Roger Staples  +4

                                Phil Errington beat Peter McDermott  +14

                                David Turner beat Roger Staples  +10

      Handicap play:- David Millener beat John Fitzpatrick  +1 & lost to Eugene Brady  -9

                                Derek Johnson  beat Eugene Brady  +9 & lost to John Fitzpatrick  -14                      


26th May 2012 - 

AC Singles KO      David Turner beat Phil Errington 26-4.

                             Geoff Clemence beat Derek Johnson  26-2.

GC Singles KO      Jean Thompson beat  Marian Falcus  2-7,7-4,7-5.

                              Robert Nixon beat Brenda Johnson  6-7, 7-5, 7-5. 

24th May 2012 - GC Singles KO

      Brenda Johnson   beat Jean Thompson 7-6, 7-5. 

     Brenda Johnson   beat David Kaye  7-6, 5-7, 7-5. 

23rd May 2012 - AC Belsay Castle league

      Brian Prickett beat Geoff Clemence  17-7.

22nd May 2012 - 

GC Singles KO      Marian Falcus   beat David Kaye 7-6, 0-7, 7-5.

GC Doubles KO     Liz Parker & Phil Errington beat Hedley Parker & David Turner 7-4, 7-5.

GC Ladder           Hedley Parker beat Liz Parker  10-5.

21st May 2012 - AC Monthly Tournament

      The results of the first monthly tournament of the season are on the relevant link from the Club Competitions page.

20th May 2012 - GC Singles KO

      Derek Johnson   beat Robert Nixon  7-5, 7-3.

19th May 2012 - GC  Ladder

     Derek Johnson beat Hedley Parker 10-9

     Liz Parker beat Brenda Johnson 10-5

     Liz Nisbet beat David Kaye 10-4

16th May 2012 - 

GC  Doubles   KO

     Liz Parker &  Phil Errington beat Jacquie Errington & Julie Millener 6-7, 7-1, 7-5.

GC  Singles KO

      Derek Old beat Hedley Parker 7-6, 7-5.

AC Belsay Castle league

      Charles Topaz beat Geoff Clemence 18-9.

14th May 2012 - Tyneside Quaich Alternate Stroke Advanced Competition

     Belsay Hall vs Tyneside vs Middlesbrough

     Belsay relinquish their hold on the Tyneside Quaich trophy as Tyneside win the eponymous trophy for the first time in its admittedly short history.  If only we had remembered to take the trophy with us for the presentation instead of suddenly realising we should have done so as we negotiated Rover in our last match!

Tyneside A - 2 wins, Tyneside B - 1 win

Middlesbrough A - 1 win, Middlesbrough B - 1 win

Belsay Hall A - 1 win, Belsay Hall B - 0 wins

13th May 2012 - CN AC League

     Belsay lost 0-4 at Tyneside.

 12th May 2012 - GC Ladder

     Derek Johnson beat Liz Parker 10-5 

     Derek Johnson beat Brenda  Johnson  10-3   

11th May 2012 - Archie's Dream

     It was my pleasure to present my colleague Allan Anderson with a cheque for £125 on your behalf for the proceeds of our recent  Charity Day.  

     Happily, Archie himself was in attendance to say thank you!

Derek Johnson

10th May 2012 - The Golf Croquet Inter-Club Championship

To the Treasuruer's relief, Belsay lost their match against Winchester 2.5 to 4.5 and so do not have to play Nailsea (near Bristol) in the next round.  Full details soon in "External Competitions".

9th May 2012 - Charity Day

Some photographs from the Charity Day are now in the Picture Gallery.  Others to follow.

David Turner, Robert Nixon and Julie Millener finished on the same number of points.  David and Robert took first and second on the points tie-breaker.  

 6th May 2012 - Middlesbrough AC Handicap Tournament

There were eight entrants for this tournament, including two from Belsay in David Turner and Derek Johnson.  In the end it was these two who contested the trophy which all hinged on the final match.  David was the leader in the clubhouse with six wins from seven matches having finished his last match in pretty rapid time.  He then had to sit and watch as Derek completed his final match (also having lost once) against Walter Sanders which went to time.  If Walter had managed to take black to Peg on his final turn after time was called it would have been a tie, giving David the title by half a match.  Walter finished jammed in the hoop of Penult and Derek sneaked home having been on Rover and Peg for much of the final hour whilst Walter chipped away at his big lead.

 4th May 2012 - Court Conditions

All courts are now suitable for play.

29th April 2012 - The Golf Croquet Ladder

Details of the Golf Ladder competition are now on the relevant page of the Club Competitions page.

 29th April 2012 - The Golf Croquet Inter-Club Championship

The match versus  Winchester (see 17th April below) will take place at Nottingham, a neutral venue midway between us and them, on 10th May.

 21st April 2012 - Middlesbrough One-Ball Tournament

In the first local tournament of the season 16 players braved hail, rain and glorious sunshine to play the One Ball tournament at Albert Park on perfect ex-bowling greens.

Eric Nixon (Belsay) was the clear winner with 7 wins out of 9 matches.

John Parkes (M'Boro) came second with Derek Old (Belsay) and Eugene Brady (Auckland) joint third.

Many thanks to Charles Waterfield for his court preparation and consummate management of the tournament.

18th April 2012 - Handicaps 

The Handicaps page of the website has been augmented with material on maintaining your GC handicap card, (the AC card is maintained to the same principles) and setting your initial handicap in both AC and GC.

17th April 2012 - Charity Day on 7th May .

The annual charity fun tournament will be held on Monday  May 7th  2012. The day will include various types of croquet.  Please bring your own food for lunch and tea, but coffee and tea will be available at tea time.  The fee for the tournament is £5 and this is given to charity. Would anyone wishing to take part please contact Eric Nixon by 3rd May, together with the £5 tournament fee (preferably paid by cheque & made payable to Belsay Hall Croquet Club).

This year's nominated charity is Archie's Dream,  Archie's parents work with Brenda and Derek Johnson.  

Archie Anderson is 5 ½ years old and lives in Ashington.  He has Cerebral Palsy.  He  has been accepted for a life changing operation at St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri, America in July 2012.  The operation is called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR).  His family and friends are trying to raise a target of £50,000 to take him  to America for this operation. 

All players are requested to arrive for 10.15am so that play can begin promptly at 10.30am.

Do come along for a very enjoyable day!   


Archie Anderson - Archie's Dream

17th April 2012 - The Golf Croquet Inter-Club Championship

Belsay have been drawn against Winchester in the first round of the national Golf Croquet Inter-Club Championship, with the date and venue still to be decided.  Belsay's team will be Phil Errington, David Turner, Derek Old and Derek Johnson, with Eric Nixon as reserve.  The winners will play Nailsea in the next round.