Belsay Hall Croquet Club


AC Singles Knockout

Round 1 to complete Round 2 to complete Round 3 to complete Semi-final to complete Final to be played  
by 3rd June by 1st July by 29th July by 19th August by 9th September        Winner                         
  Derek Old        
  Derek Johnson        
Brian Talkes   Derek Old       
Charles Topaz   Charles Topaz       
18 - 11  Charles Topaz  26-21      
Phil Errington David Turner        
v 26-0         
David Turner     Derek Old    
26 - 4      v    
      Geoff Clemence    
David Millener     26-8     
v David Millener         
Eric Nixon v        
26-15  Jack Shotton        
  26-20  David Millener       
  Geoff Clemence Geoff Clemence       
  v 26-21      
  Megs Rogers        
  26-15      Geoff Clemence   
    PROCESS   v Geoff Clemence 
Derek Old       Eric Nixon  
v Derek Old      26-11   
Jack Shotton v        
26-17  Phil Errington Derek Old       
  26 - 25       
Brian Talkes   David Millener       
v Megs Rogers  26-4      
Megs Rogers v        
20-8  David Millener   David Millener    
Derek Johnson     Eric Nixon     
v Geoff Clemence   26-7    
Geoff Clemence v        
26 - 2 David Turner        
  26 - 5  Geoff Clemence       
  Charles Topaz Eric Nixon       
  v 26-20       
  Eric Nixon