Belsay Hall Croquet Club


AC Doubles Knockout 

Round 1 to complete  Round 2 to complete  Semi-final to complete Final to be played by Winner
by 3rd June by 7th July by 11th August by 9th September  
  David Millener &      
David Turner & Brian Prickett      
Derek Johnson  v      
v David Turner &       
Phil Errington & Derek Johnson  David Millener &     
Trevor Smith 21-19t  Brian Prickett     
26 - 18     v    
  Jack Shotton & Eric Nixon &     
  Charles Topaz Geoff Clemence     
   v 26-10     
  Eric Nixon &      
  Geoff Clemence    Eric Nixon   
  26 - 9    Geoff Clemence   
     PROCESS Eric Nixon & 
David Millener &     Eric Nixon &  Geoff Clemence 
Brian Prickett     Geoff Clemence   
v David Millener &      
Jack Shotton & Brian Prickett      
Charles Topaz  v      
22-21t David Turner &      
  Derek Johnson David Millener&    
  26-12  Brian Prickett    
  Eric Nixon & Eric Nixon &     
  Geoff Clemence Geoff Clemence     
   v 26-7     
  Phil Errington &      
>>>>>>>26-15>  Trevor Smith